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Porters generic strategies for Glaxo Smith Kline - Essay Example

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The cost leadership and differentiation strategies are adopted when the firm is operating in a broad range of market, but cost focus and differentiation focus strategies are adopted when the firm is operating in a narrow industry or market (Tutor2u, n.d.). These strategies are…
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Porters generic strategies for Glaxo Smith Kline
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Extract of sample "Porters generic strategies for Glaxo Smith Kline"

Porter’s generic strategies for GlaxoSmithKline Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Porter’sGeneric Strategy 3
Resources of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) 4
Capabilities 5
References 6
Porter’s Generic Strategy
According to Michael Porter there are four business strategies which are generic in nature. Following figure represents these four strategies
The cost leadership and differentiation strategies are adopted when the firm is operating in a broad range of market, but cost focus and differentiation focus strategies are adopted when the firm is operating in a narrow industry or market (Tutor2u, n.d.). These strategies are adopted on the basis of the resources and capabilities that the organization has.
Generally any organization’s main resources refer to its human resources, financial resources, time, infrastructure, knowledge, information technology etc. On the other hand organisation’s capabilities refer to its ability to retain talent, ability to innovate new product, ability of learning from past experiences, ability to improve efficiency, ability to identify target customers etc.
Resources of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)
Pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) started its operation in 1715. Today it is one of largest and oldest companies in the world. GSK’s headquarter is located in UK and its operation is based in US. As far as company’s human resources is concerned there are 99,000 people in more than 100 countries working in GSK (GlaxoSmithKline, n.d.). GSK is a financially sound organization. Last year company’s total turnover was 24 billion euro. Company’s strong financial condition can be further justified by the fact that every hour GSK spend around US$562,000 in finding new medicines. As far as infrastructure is concerned GSK has more than 100 sites in 68 countries.
Being the second largest pharmaceutical company GSK has been successfully aligned all its resources to its business strategies. Currently company is focusing on three major strategies that it has adopted. These three strategies are, growing a diversified global business, delivering more products of value and simplifying the operational model. Company is utilizing its vast pool of human resources in order to build a diversified global business. Apart from human resources GSK is one of the largest users of IT which helps the company in order to achieve its objectives. According to the company IT plays important strategic roles as it facilitates access to global information. IT also facilitates global communication which is crucial in case of mergers and acquisitions. According to GSK, IT enables the extension and transformation of major business activities. IT supports major operational processes at all level of operation starting from local to global (GlaxoSmithKline, n.d.). As a result it is quite clear that IT helps GSK in the process of simplifying its business model. GSK give huge importance to its research and development process in order to produce more products of value. Moreover company has vast experience in its industry and this would help in achieving its objectives.
GSK is operating successfully for a period of more than a century. GSK’s capabilities are unquestionable. Every year GSK produce 6 billion Panadol tablets, 9 billion Tums tablets and 600 million toothpaste tubes. According to GSK, every second it distributes over 35 doses of vaccine. GSK is master of innovating new medicines and most importantly the company produces them in a very cost effective and efficient way so that its business purposes get fulfilled. Company achieve differentiation and cost leadership strategies by innovating new products in various cost effective ways. GSK has a long history and the company is continuously learning from its past experiences. GSK is currently employing almost 99,000 people and this proves its capability of retaining high talent, because with this huge number of employees company is delivering value to the customers. Almost 15,000 GSK employees are involved in R&D. GSK’s capabilities regarding creating new products, retaining talent and operating efficiently have helped it in successful achievement of its objectives and this has happened by aligning these capabilities with it’s business strategies.
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