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Book Report: The No Cry Sleep Solution - Essay Example

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Younger babies which are four months old have very different sleep patterns and they need more sleep than older babies. This paper will analyze newborn babys…
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Book Report: The No Cry Sleep Solution
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Download file to see previous pages The more knowledge you have the more people will trust your parenting skills. You have to keep your facts straight and you should be able to respond with confidence to those who are offering incorrect advice. So the first step is to get smart and know what you are doing and know why you are doing it. You should read books and magazines and attend classes or support groups, these things will help a lot.
During the early stages of baby’s life, he or she sleeps when he or she is tired or really wants to sleep. But do you think that it’s really that simple? You can not force a baby to sleep when he or she doesnt want to sleep and you can do little to wake him up when he or she is sleeping soundly. One of the most important things to understand about newborn babies is that they have very small tummies. Newborns grow very quickly most of their diet is liquid, and it digests very quickly. Top feed digests quickly but the breast milk digests even more rapidly. Babies need to be fed every two to four hours and sometimes more which varies from baby to baby. During the early months of developing, your baby will have tremendous growth spurts that affect not only daytime, but also nighttime feeding as well. Babies should start sleeping through the night at about two months of age. The important point is that you must understand that for a new baby a four hour stretch sleep is a full night. Most of the babies at this age can sleep uninterrupted from midnight to 6 a.m. which is not always the case. A far cry from what you may have thought sleeping through the night meant. Here we pause while the shock sinks in for those of you who have a baby who sleeps through the night but didnt know it. Scientific explanation of "sleeping through the night" is four hours, but majority of people wouldnt consider that to be a full night sleep for ourselves and our children. Some of these babies will suddenly begin ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Book Report: The No Cry Sleep Solution Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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