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CASE STUDY: The building manager Leighton Holdings - Essay Example

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A study has been conducted on Leighton Holdings with the objectives of reviewing and analysing engineers’ roles as managers; understanding the process of planning and organizational planning; and evaluation of the characteristics of management control including operations and…
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CASE STUDY: The building manager Leighton Holdings
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Download file to see previous pages A comprehensive framework allowed identification of risks, pricing and management, and ensuring that adequate controls were in place and functioning for tendering and contract negotiation; design and project management; occupational health and safety; environmental management; trade practices; interest rate and foreign currency exposures; ethical conduct; gathering and release of material information; crisis management and IT disaster recovery; and business continuity planning. The Group had emphasized on creating a rewarding, challenging and safe workplace for employees with a broad skill base, competencies and experience. The Group operated in an environment influenced by the national and international economies; technology; and government and politics. The business strategy had a focus on core businesses practices; management of risk prudently; commitment to high standards of performance; and regional coverage. Wal King had to assume interpersonal roles; informational roles; and decisional roles in different circumstances. He created an environment of autonomy, where managers were encouraged to innovate and take responsibility for their business units, and the autonomy occurred within a framework of clearly defined guidelines and financial parameters. The Group has demonstrated that sound business strategy and good management of financial resources could withstand different economic climates. Sound technical and financial resources; effective policies and practices; well experienced management team; low geographical risk; and high quality work were strengths, and lack of business relationships with property developers in Asia was the Group’s weakness. Infrastructure projects and M&A offered opportunities in China, India, and the Middle East. Strong competition from local players; lack of transparency in contract awards; and preference for local companies were threats. The Group must comprehend business practices in these regions, and participate with the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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