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Studying and conducting research only has one main answer and that is to gain knowledge. The knowledge usually used to come simply from the teachings that…
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Ethically acceptable research
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The regulation of ethically acceptable research conduct may take one of three forms. Discuss these and include your opinion (and the reasons for such) as to which of these forms is the most effective.
Before conducting any research, the important point is to be aware fit its uses and the appropriate was of conducting it. Studying and conducting research only has one main answer and that is to gain knowledge. The knowledge usually used to come simply from the teachings that obtained from the experiences of generations of practitioners and most of it had no factual scientific data on which to validate various practices. The concept of “evidence-based practices” or (EBP) is established on the account of being as ethically responsible concerning criminal justice and criminology. These rules were made regarding overflow of putting predication on nonscientific explanation and experiences rather than on proof. The primary practices at the origin of evidence-based practice can be categorized into three steps:
- an inquiring method to perform leading to scientific testing
- detailed inspection, listing, and study replacing subjective case report
- recording and classifying the evidence for systematic recovery
Evidence based regulation specifies the way in which criminologists make decisions based on the identification of rating its reliability scientifically. Hence, it eliminates exceptionally dangerous practices in favor of those that have better results.
One of the forms that the regulation may take is a form based on social control theory which is expressed through law as bills, rules, and policies against any nonstandard behaviors. It measures the amount of people connected to their society to the probability of them committing a crime. This can be situational and not as much reliable as evidence based regulation as instances have been seen where people commit crime as a habit or other strange examples. Moreover, as social control theory is based on hypothesis it can always be proved wrong. It is based on the explanatory and predictive form of research research.
Probabilistic assumption is another form of the regulation in which professionals assume that an effect will likely occur if specific causes are present. It eliminates the need for any scientific research which is, again, much more accurate and reliable than probability.
Criminology and criminal justice are social sciences meaning that these are highly influenced by any political or social incidents taking place in a particular society. Ethically, invasion of privacy, potential harm and deception are protected by law. In addition, researchers should be aware, at all times, of the influence of the research on the society. Hence, to me, evidence based regulation is the most reliable and effective use of proving the crime as it uses reasonable explanations of reality.
- Hagan, F. E, 2009.Research Methods in Criminal Justice and Criminology. United Kingdom: Addison-Wesley. Read More
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