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The advancements in the field of technology have facilitated the learning of English as a second language and efficient teachers can very well employ technology in teaching, motivating and assessing students in pursuit of their English as a second language. Smith & Baber…
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Technology at work
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Technology at work The advancements in the field of technology have facilitated the learning of English as a second language and efficient teachers can very well employ technology in teaching, motivating and assessing students in pursuit of their English as a second language. Smith & Baber advocate the use of websites, web quests, emails, CD-ROMS, text chat, word processors, internet relay chat, instant messaging, audio-video conferencing, blogs, and authoring software that promotes interactive exercises in the teaching-learning process of English as a second language. For them, “these tools do make life easier and can add a valuable extra dimension” to one’s teaching (Smith & Baber, 2005, p. 8). One of the major challenges before a second language teacher is to motivate the students and make the learning process interesting and appealing to the learners; teachers who are competent and creative enough to design instructional packages with the aid of technological devices are better equipped to take up this challenge. Laborda & Royo reviewing Dudeney & Hockly’s book How to teach English with Technology show the immense “possibilities of teachers who work with a variety of types of software and hardware (or even who actually do not approach language teaching with technology) to integrate the contents into their daily teaching plans” (Laborda & Royo 2007). Similarly, Sotillo stresses on the effectiveness of computer-mediated discussions and instructional activities in transacting English to second language learners (Sotillo). However, it is significant that the selected learning activities are in tune with the proficiency level of students.
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Sotillo, Susana M. (1997, Dec). English-as-a-Second-Language Learning and Collaboration in Cyberspace. Retrieved 22 Nov. 09 from The Technology Source Archives website: Read More
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Technology at Work Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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