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With Washington D C as the capital, the federal constitutional republic is comprised of fifty states and a district. It was on July 4, 1976 the country…
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American Identity
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American Identity Table of Contents Introduction 3 The Identity 3 Bibliography 5 Introduction United s of America has been one of the most dreamt as well as the most desired nations for the people across the globe. With Washington D C as the capital, the federal constitutional republic is comprised of fifty states and a district. It was on July 4, 1976 the country proclaimed independence with the two pillars namely ‘all men are created equal’ and endowed with ‘certain unalienable rights’. Therefore, it can be pronounced that the basic principles of liberty, tolerance and individual freedom are the constituents of the American identity.
The Identity
Since long, United States has been the looked up to by the activists of the entire world as the nation that has optimum respect for the individual rights and liberty. The identity of the United States basically is restored upon the various principles that the country has followed like that of tolerance and individual freedom. Among other pillars of the nation, the equality for all irrespective of ones caste, creed or colour and the success of democracy are noteworthy.
It is perceived that in the United States, individuals have the opportunity to create ones own fortune in one field or the other. In this amazing nation, the colour of one’s skin is never a hindrance or advantage to any to excel in any of the arenas. It is the quality with in the professionals that matters. It is probably possible only in the United States where many of the college drop outs start working in their family garage with the hopes of making some thing big like Microsoft or Google or Apple. It is only in America, where athletes like Carl Lewis and Maurice Green could excel their potentials and create world records. It is only in America where despite the war against terrorism, one can voice his reservations against the mal-treatments by the armed forces in the name of peace keeping. It is possible only in America where a minority by religion gets elected at the highest constitutional position by record vote in these trying times.
The United States was one of the initiating countries to prohibit slavery under the leadership of Abraham Lincoln. Another prominent leader of the United States, Martin Luther King Jr., took several measures so that the black men and other disadvantaged citizens get compensated for historical wrongs.
The American identity can also be recognised with the great American dream. As James Adams observed, it was “better, richer and happier life”. The essence of the American dream can also be documented with the Declaration of Independence, which says, “Life, liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”.
Another pillar of American identity has been the political freedom of the citizens of the nations. It has been observed that the citizens of the country always had the freedom to protest against the government policies, without fear.
All the above arguments put forth the strengths of the most dreamt nation and with in these factors lay the true identity of the nation.

Friedman, Michael J. “American Identity: Ideas, Not Ethnicity” 21 November, 2009. 13 February, 2008.>Read More
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