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No kidding, who does not know her? She’s the girl who has the best of both worlds! This series that airs in Disney Channel is about Hannah, the girl who is living every teenage girl’s fantasy: rocking it out as a pop singer while enjoying the…
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Assignment 2-2
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Television, internet, radio, it. These persona and characters reign. First off: Hannah Montana. No kidding, who does not know her? She’s the girl who has the best of both worlds! This series that airs in Disney Channel is about Hannah, the girl who is living every teenage girl’s fantasy: rocking it out as a pop singer while enjoying the comfort of normalcy. I can’t help but think how similar those little girls’ adoration to Hannah with the days when a certain blond girl sang “Hit me baby one more time!”. Disney certainly knows how to market their star. Because of the very large fan base the hit teen sitcom went to have top grossing concerts and movies. It catapulted the lead star, Miley Cyrus, to up roaring fame. Still the success of these concerts and movies perplex me, not because I have forgotten my own teenage years, but because the “it” girl of the moment sparks no diamonds to me.
How about Michael Jackson? Boy is he famous! He practically basked in fame (and fortune) for all of his life. His shocking death caused so much heartache to the world who watched him as he grew from the cute black boy singing ABC with his other brothers to the man who surprised all of us with his powerful dance moves and not to mention, white skin. I am one of those people. I grew up dancing to his songs. Thriller is my favorite. I’ve always heard it in radios back in the days. How ironic is it that though I grew up with that song I haven’t seen the video; not until his death. I was one of the millions who viewed his music videos while feeling the pang of his death. I was one of the thousands who first lined up in theaters to watch Michael Jackson show his perfect moves once again.
George Lucas would pass as brilliant in my dictionary for having created Star Wars and the iconic Jedi’s weapon: the lightsaber. It comprises of a metal hilt that is the base of a blade of energy. It can practically cut through anything but is deflected by another lightsaber. Along with the blue, red, or green laser-like sword is a vibrating sound developed by sound engineer Ben Burtt. Having been able to follow the Star Wars movies it’s such a joy to play the part of a strong Jedi wielding that lightsaber and humming that distinct sound. Lightsabers are definitely cool!
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