Case Analysis on Human Resources at Hewlett Packard - Essay Example

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Human resources at HP are evaluated on the basis of innovation, independent thinking, mutual trust and uninhibited contribution.
HP’s approach…
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Case Analysis on Human Resources at Hewlett Packard
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Download file to see previous pages HP Way in conducting its business is based on a set of ethical principles. Honesty and integrity form the very core of this approach. Its customers must be sure of the deals that they make with the company. For this it’s necessary to inculcate ethical principles in HR personnel.
Teamwork at HP is emphasized since stakeholders, particularly the shareholders, depend on company’s policy in generating value for all concerned. Thus a sharing responsibility for organizational outcomes among HR personnel would be desirable.
The company encourages flexibility and innovation among its employees. Their primary goal should be the development of innovative and flexible ways to carry out daily tasks so that functional processes become smooth.
Teamwork enables horizontal communication function to be carried out with a singular focus on organizational goals. While communication structures have been overhauled to support a more democratic and less centralized vertical functional network within the organization there is also a well planned strategy to achieve results.
There are both advantages and disadvantages associated with working for a company like HP. In the first place advantages include such benefits like good future prospects, career development, performance related pay, a positive and independent work environment and opportunities for innovation and meaningful contribution. Future prospects lie with the diversity and expansion of the organization (Becker,
Andrew & Dave, 2001). A fast growing organization with ever rising net revenues must be any employee’s dream because the future of the company and its employees is basically determined by the current pace of positive progress that the company is making.
Career development at HP is possible depending on the scope of the job. High tech companies like HP with a fair degree of diversification into other fields through merger and acquisition (M&A) are more likely to produce positive synergies that would ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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