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Social work (see panel for details) - Essay Example

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Based on this value statement, write an essay which answers the following questions and is based around the case study of Anne.
Each person is an individual and should be treated with respect…
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Social work (see panel for details)
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Download file to see previous pages 4). The fact that she is excited about having the child is good, but the social worker should try to reserve judgment, good or bad, about the situation.
Konopka (1999) states, “Another basic concept is the awareness of the individual as an interacting member of society and the importance of interaction, individually and in groups, for his development and for the development of society.” The social worker should try to have a positive impact on Anne’s life.
Additionally, the social worker should try to have Anne incorporate other elements of society into her life. She should perhaps be encouraged to join a church, synagogue, or mosque of her choosing in order to gain support from the surrounding community to welcome her baby into the world.
Instead of criticizing Anne, the social worker should focus on Anne’s good qualities. The fact that she is a kind and caring person should be strengths that the social worker should build upon in order to encourage her to be a good mother to her unborn child and partner to Simon.
It is an ethical principle that, “Social workers should uphold and defend each person’s physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual integrity and well-being. This means: 1) respecting the right to self-determination, 2) promoting the right to participation, 3) treating each person as a whole, and 4) identifying and developing strengths” (Lee, M.Y., et. al., 2009, pp. 294).
In many ways, the social worker who takes on Anne’s case will obviously have many challenges. Since Anne’s parents are an interracial couple, this case may be extraordinarily difficult due to the cultural factors that are involved.
One ethical principle of social work is that “Social workers’ primary goal is to help people in need and to address social problems” (Munson, 2002, pp. 509). In Anne’s case, the social worker needs to realize that Anne’s situation is unique.
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(Social Work (see Panel for Details) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words)
Social Work (see Panel for Details) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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