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Organzition and Adminstraion - Essay Example

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A government’s judicial system is the system of law courts which administer justice and which constitute the judicial branch of government ( Barnett, 2008). Worldwide, there are three major legal or judicial systems, and which consist of civil law, common law and religious…
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Organzition and Adminstraion
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Download file to see previous pages This paper looks into the US judicial system in terms of its administration and organization, as well as the various issues and concerns that beset it. Further, this paper presents possible solutions to the issues and concerns, along with an organizational model that would best answer the department’s prevalent concerns.
The US federal courts comprise the Judiciary Branch of the government, which is organized under the US Constitution and the laws of the US federal government. The federal government as well as each of the forty-nine states has its own criminal justice system, which all respect the rights of the individual as set forth in the court interpretation of the US Constitution, and as defined in case law (Barnett, 2008). State constitutions and laws provide the definition of the criminal justice system of each state, and delegate the authority and responsibility over criminal justice to various jurisdictions, institutions and officials, as well as provide guidelines and definitions of criminal behaviors, groups of children and acts under the jurisdiction of juvenile courts (Ibid.).
Further, for the processing of criminal justice that were not established by the State, municipalities and counties define through local ordinances prescribing the local agencies responsible for such cases. The US Congress, on the other hand, has also established a criminal justice system at the federal level to respond to such crimes as bank robbery, kidnapping, and even transporting stolen goods across states (Ibid.).
The US justice system has three main components – the police, the courts and the corrections, reflecting the basic processes that justice is served under the US government. Each component functions a vital part in the whole system and is essentially indispensable. In other words, the system is not complete if any of the three components missing.
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Organzition and Adminstraion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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