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Theoretical/conceptual application to research - Essay Example

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As defined by the American Nurses Association (2003), nursing is “the protection, promotion, and optimization of health and abilities, prevention of illness and injury,…
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Theoretical/conceptual application to research
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Download file to see previous pages Good nursing care is distinguished by the maintenance of trust (Santiago 2009). Hence, maintaining patients’ trust is an essential feature of nursing care, and an important general aspect of quality health care.
This study will describe the concepts of caring and trust as it relates to the nurse-patient relationship in the framework of sustaining the intactness, or fullness, of the health status of patients. The examination of caring and trust as virtue concepts, as in line with a person’s personality or integrity, will only be taken into account as it relates to those decisions and actions of the health care provider that have the possibility of influencing forces affecting the health reliability of the nurse-patient relationship. The objective of this study is to provide a greater understanding and knowledge of what it implies for the role of the professional nurse in providing care and protecting patients’ trust as fundamental components of any helping profession.
The concept analysis of caring has shown that it evolved and became increasingly complicated in its use and application as time progresses. For a number of helping professions, such as nursing, performing from a caring framework has been a way through which patients can realize optimal health and wellbeing. This is achieved by cultivating within the helping professional an awareness of caring that improves the quality of relationship and transaction between the patient and the health service provider.
The concept of ‘caring’ is indefinite and debatable. Part of the dilemma is that the concept has been applied in varied ways that its core meaning is by now endangered. According to some scholars, conceptualizing ‘caring’ entails an effort to encompass the political and social economy within which it is implanted (Halstead & Wagner, 2002). If the concept will be used as a general form of analysis with regard to the profession of nursing, one should ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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