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The research also intends to find out the key drivers for change and the critical success factors of this. Among the major issues addressed in this report are the major issues that ensure…
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Analysis of Glaxo Smith Kline
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Download file to see previous pages Glaxo Smith Kline Company, being a global healthcare company, engages in the development, manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceutical and consumer health related products. The company’s products are target towards treating three major diseases. These diseases are malaria, HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis. The company mainly operates through two major segments which are Consumer Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals. The Pharmaceutical segment includes prescription pharmaceuticals and vaccines. On the other hand, the Consumer Healthcare segment provides over-the-counter medicines, oral care and nutritional healthcare products. Its operations are concentrated in Italy, Spain, United States, Japan, France, the United Kingdom, and Germany (Scott, 1982, p201).
Glaxo Smith Kline Company has a number of factors that make it very outstanding in the current market. Early in the year two thousand and three for instance, the company published a strategic approach to most aspects of its business performance. This strategic plan had the intention of ensuring that it gets a competitive advantage over the competition yet still ensuring that it fully satisfies the needs of it clients. The published strategic approach related to issues pertaining to the environment, health issues and the safety of all related stakeholders. This plan was later to propel the company into higher levels of better performance. An analysis of the Glaxo Smith Kline Company indicates that the company’s strategic plan for excellence was meant to help in showing how Glaxo Smith Kline Plan for excellence shows how Glaxo Smith Klines environment, health and safety framework align with the companys vision, strategic intent and key business drivers. Moreover, Glaxo Smith Kline Company, if it continuous with its progressive trend, will progress through management systems to leadership and excellence (Atkinson, pp.207-229).
Glaxo Smith Kline Company ventures in provision of medical services to its people and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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