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Literary analysis on Seize The Day by Saul Bellow to describe, analyze, and interpret - Essay Example

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Having missed the royal road to the path of success, nothing turns out favorable for him. He has the will to grow in the materialistic world, but it is too late. Finally, he turns towards the inner world in search of real…
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Literary analysis on Seize The Day by Saul Bellow to describe, analyze, and interpret
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Extract of sample "Literary analysis on Seize The Day by Saul Bellow to describe, analyze, and interpret"

Download file to see previous pages Without evaluating the self, one’s own abilities, individual races after secular achievements, thinking that there is no world beyond the external world, the world as interpreted by the power of one’s intellect. Many are not willing to accept that the inner world exists within every human being. God, call Him the Omniscient Power, All-pervading Reality, Light-Consciousness or any other name that various religions hail him, can not be comprehended by one’s intellect. Howsoever great may be one’s intelligence, one can not understand him through the mind-apparatus. The mystery of Nature is beyond description and intellectual arguments. The final frontier of logic and reasoning is mind. The primary duty of the mind is to confuse the human being. The scale of materialistic civilization has two measuring points-success or failure. It eulogizes the successful and condemns the failure! But it ignores the process of living by an individual. How one has faced life in is trails, tribulations duty and beauty. The protagonist of the novel, introduced to the readers at the age of mid-forties, has the wrong start and finds it difficult to cope up with the challenges of life. He is unable to join the mainstream of society and finds himself a loner. …then some thing happens on a particular day, about which his mind has forewarned him! How Tommy Wilhelm encountered the predicament and made efforts to meet the cumulative pressure that has been building up within his inner self?
“As a young man he has rejected his father’s profession, medicine, tried for a career in Hollywood, been tricked by a phony talent scout, ended up in sales and lost his sales district due to nepotism.” (Cronin, 2003….)A college dropout, married and divorced, with two children, his finances are in a mess. He somehow wishes to recover the lost ground and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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