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Media Analysis Paper - Essay Example

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The proliferation of multiple media streams has heightened the role of media in contemporary warfare and Simons argues that “coverage of a war can make or break a public’s will to continue to fight” and that the power of the media is “recognised by all sides involved in…
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Media Analysis Paper
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Download file to see previous pages al justification for pre-emptive military action became irrelevant in the public’s mind influenced by vivid media images of the tragedy of September 11. However, the result of a government exploiting public grief with a media propaganda blitz has in turn resulted in thousands of innocent Iraqis dying and “the deaths of hundreds of American/Allied forces, and the destruction of the Iraqi infrastructures – all of which were seemingly forgotten” (Kamalipour & Snow, p.2).
As a result, the use of the media has undoubtedly been integral in warfare campaigns, however the concomitant result of this is arguably that “it the dawn of the third millennium…. We as human beings have made no progress towards elevating humanity to its potential level of civility” (Kamalipour & Snow, p.2).
This in turn correlates to the assertion of McLuhan that the “medium is the message”, which is the famous phrase propounded by Marshall McLuhan in “Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man”(1964). The central premise of McLuhan’s proposition is that the nature of the medium is what influences audience perception of the actual message regardless of content (McLuhan, 1964). In further developing this argument, McLuhan posits that the precise characteristics of the medium will engage an audience in different ways, which ultimately influences the communication of the actual media message (McLuhan, 1964).
For example, in comparing how messages are conveyed in comics and movies, McLuhan describes movies as high definition in engaging the audience attention, in contrast to the low definition of the comic which requires a more participatory role of the audience to ascertain content message (McLuhan, 1964). The focus of this paper is to critically evaluate the impact of the media in relation to contemporary warfare with a contextual study of the recent Israel military campaigns in Gaza through a comparative analysis of Old Media versus New Media. Moreover, this paper ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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