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What are the TWO most important things we need to create, and what are the TWO most important obstacles we need to overcome, in dealing with the digital divide - Essay Example

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It also punctuates the importance of equal distribution of resources among the people belonging to different parts of the sample space. It also provides details about the opportunities and…
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What are the TWO most important things we need to create, and what are the TWO most important obstacles we need to overcome, in dealing with the digital divide
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"What are the TWO most important things we need to create, and what are the TWO most important obstacles we need to overcome, in dealing with the digital divide"

Download file to see previous pages consists of the people who have effective access to computer and information technologies and second category comprises of those who do not have accessibility to such resources. There is no doubt that digital technologies and computer have revolutionized the human life largely (Dickard & Schneider, 2002). The paper emphasizes on the importance of equal distribution of resources in all segments i.e. race, education, socioeconomic status etc. Other factors that affect digital divide are existing social economic cultural and learning inequalities.
In purview of the complexity of the issue, US federal and state government, internet and computer industry have formulated various focused strategies to spread computer and internet accessibility to every individual. Education is probably the most important issue that affects the ability to gain from technology and minimize the issue of digital divide at greater extent. Generous quantum of time and financial resources are required to provide quality computer education to children at schools and especially to those students who do not have facility of computer at their homes. In this article, Harouna Ba (2009) also explains and throws light on the generalized access model consisting of four universal categories. This model includes technology for disabled people, youth development plans to boost youth leadership, research policies and youth media. Moreover, the introduction of home level programs is mandatory to educate society to its.
Another significant thing, on which we need to exercise our focus, is formulation of product and services design industries. The prime drivers of this mission includes the goal of widening and extending the use of internet by developing alternative designs, maintaining lower cost of computing and technical training, and easy accessibility of the training institutes (Centre for Educational Research and Innovation, 2000). These procedures are most likely to help making technology designs and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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What Are the TWO Most Important Things We Need to Create, and What Are Essay - 1.
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