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Firewalls provide complete from hacking .Discuss this in terms of privacy and information access - Essay Example

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Most individuals and organizations make use of computers to manage bookkeeping, track inventory, and store documents. Moreover, they often need several people to enter and…
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Firewalls provide complete from hacking .Discuss this in terms of privacy and information access
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Extract of sample "Firewalls provide complete from hacking .Discuss this in terms of privacy and information access"

Download file to see previous pages Nevertheless, some experts believe that firewalls are an effective solution to deal with these issues. This essay will discuss the implementation of the firewall technology for the enhanced security of any business or personal network. Also, it will outline and analyze firewalls security matters, effectiveness, and methodologies in addition to implemented in individual and organizations.
The terms security and privacy are associated with data and information, which are important part for organizations as well as individuals. Security comprises the rules, actions, and technical measures used to stop illegal access or modification, theft, and physical damage to the database (Laudon & Laudon, 1999, p. 502). Privacy refers to right of individuals and organizations to disallow or confine the compilation and utilizations of information about them and most organizations carry out their business activities on the Internet, and at the present, securing information on the Internet has become a challenge for the organizations as well as individuals. In addition, the aim of information security is the safety of data from unexpected or worldwide threats to their reliability and utilization. Because the utilization of data and information has become out to be more open through the Internet, business intranets, and from mobile computing devices. Therefore, applying data security efficiently has become more complicated and time taking (Shulman, 2006), (Norton, 2001) and (Hoffer, Prescott, & McFadden, 2007, p. 499).
The augmented utilization of the Internet and the World Wide Web places networks at even larger danger of unwanted threats. Various companies distribute or publish information on the Internet (using web sites), while remaining companies have workers who distribute information to the Internet from the organization network or download material from the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Firewalls Provide Complete from Hacking .Discuss This in Terms of Essay.
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