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To this end, various aspects of healthy eating and nutrition were discussed. . In this regard, reference was made to the food pyramid that had been developed at the Harvard University. This device presents a graphical…
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Healthy Eating
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Download file to see previous pages For instance, nowadays, we are aware that cholesterol or fat is of two varieties, one that is good for health and the other that is positively harmful to the human body.
In addition, people are lured by unhealthy food, on account of its attractive appearance and taste. Some methods for avoiding such food have been suggested in this work. These methods have been shown to be extremely effective in preventing their practitioner from falling prey to unhealthy food. Finally, conclusions were arrived at and recommendations were made.
In order to remain healthy, it is important to avoid unhealthy eating or overeating. Bad eating habits can be eliminated by developing the desire to eat right. In addition to making up one’s mind to get rid of a bad habit, one should undertake a properly planned series of actions that will help in achieving this objective. Mere will power is insufficient to realise goals. Instead of relying on the force of will, one has to undertake well planned measures to convert one’s desires into reality. This applies to healthy eating, and one should comprehend the specific situations or conditions that provide opportunities for overeating. Such conscious knowledge is of great importance (Eating Right: A New Self-Control Paradigm 2009: 1).
A healthy diet used to consist of a balanced diet of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. This was supplemented by the recommended amounts of vitamins and minerals. Adherence to such a diet provided sufficient energy and nutrients to the body. A healthy body effectively prevents disease. Subsequently, the development of science, served to extend the concept of a healthy diet. Although, the essential components of a well balanced diet remained unchanged, considerable knowledge was gained regarding the exact combinations within each food group (Eating for health 2008: 2).
Overeating is a problematic habit and it should be relinquished as soon as possible, so as to avert harmful ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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