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Commercialism in Schools - Research Paper Example

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A vast majority of adults anywhere in the world will have a child studying in a school and this means that what happens in a school…
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Commercialism in Schools
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Download file to see previous pages addition, it is only natural to want to have more and if schools could gain by developing partnerships with commerce, they wanted to try to get the extras to give more to the school and students. Thus, the trends for commercialism in schools continued to present an increase, despite much debate and criticism. State legislatures and school supervisors did eventually present some rules designed to ensure that commercial partnerships in which schools engaged remained within ethical limits to ensure that no harm to students ensued. However, commercialism in schools is open to creativity and some even go so far as to recommend commercial partnerships for schools. This essay presents a discussion about the commercialism in schools phenomenon and concludes that it is possible for schools to enter into healthy partnerships with commerce that benefit everyone.
Commercialism in educational institutions is not something that is new and it had been commonly found and routinely accepted in schools in the United States of America from times prior to the early 1990s (Washington Office of the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, 1991). The previously cited report suggests that state legislatures within the United States of America had been concerned about the phenomenon since the early 1990s and tried to examine the impact of commercialism in schools on students and their education. However, according to (Molnar, 2006), the commercialism phenomenon in schools in the United States of America, Canada and in other parts of the world had taken an aggressive turn since then, prior to declining somewhat towards the end of the year 2006. Researchers suggested that a chronic shortage of funds for schools was the reason for commercialism in schools. Larson (2002) suggests that despite the concerns expressed by the state legislatures in the United States of America, businesses had been increasingly making inroads into the classrooms of the underfunded schools in the country. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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