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Public School Uniforms - Annotated Bibliography Example

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Mitchell. "Black Educators Views on Middle School Students Dress and Uniforms: Addressing Challenges from Commercialism." The Journal of Negro Education. Vol. 72, No. 4
In this article, Alleyne, Sylvan I., Velma…
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Public School Uniforms
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Extract of sample "Public School Uniforms"

Download file to see previous pages Therefore, when doing a research on the use of school uniforms, I would argue against it by citing this article. As they claim, it mightnot be easier to obtain equality. In fact, it might result into a conflict between the two social classes.
This article was written by Brunsma, D. & Kerry A. R and published in 1998. Here, these scholars conducted a research on the influences of the use of uniforms on the learners’ behaviors and academic performance. In their analysis, they report that there is no direct relationship between behavior reforms and academic improvement and school uniform.
The article can be of a great value when conducting a research on the demerits of school uniforms on the learners. It can help in justifying that school uniforms should not be mandatory since they can only contribute to poor academic performance, increased behavior problems and rampant cases of substance abuse.
The above article was authored by DaCosta, K. and published by the Journal of Negro Education in 2006. In this article, DaCosta examines the reactions of the urban learners towards the use of uniforms in school.
While conducting a research on the advantages of school uniforms, I would have to incorporate the use of this article. It has a lot of resourceful information on how uniform can be instrumental in creating equality amongst the learners from diverse socio-economic backgrounds. This is a very important component which must be included in the research.
This article was written by Draa, V. in 2005. It presents a candid discussion about the significance of school uniforms amongst the urban-based high school learners. As reported in this article, uniform is necessary in the urban set up in which cases of gang violence, peer influence and classism are rampant.
When carrying out this research, I would have to use this article. It is quite resourceful and would provide me with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Public School Uniforms Annotated Bibliography Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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