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Cultural Criticism of My Dad Is A Liar Commercial - Essay Example

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This paper "Cultural Criticism of My Dad Is A Liar Commercial" intends to explore how rhetorical strategies has been used in the commercial My Dad Is A Liar  and the effect the non-material ideas and ideals it is selling on the viewers and on culture…
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Cultural Criticism of My Dad Is A Liar Commercial
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Extract of sample "Cultural Criticism of My Dad Is A Liar Commercial"

Download file to see previous pages In the first section of the commercial the girl is praising her father. It starts by her acknowledging that her father is the sweetest father in the world. She continues praising him and the scene changes from the street where they were taking a walk to a different scene and it keeps on changing to support each description that she gives about her father. The commercial in this case is using video to paint and support the girl’s descriptions of the father. This makes the message more vivid and straightforward to the viewers. The girl’s short phrases and childish tone brings about a cheery mood. This mood is backed up by lively background music. This is to make the commercial tone vibrant.
The second part of the commercial introduces contrast into the commercial. While the first part of the commercial was vibrant and full of praises for the father, the second part begins by the girl declaring that the father is a liar. This is a contradicting statement to all that was said in the first part and it introduces shock. The tone in this section drastically changes from a vibrant tone to an emotional and sentimental one. This new tone and mood can be noted from the change in background music. The emotional and sentimental moods can also be seen from the change in voice variation of the girl; she speaks quietly and slowly in this section. Film has also been used to enhance these new tones. The facial expression of the father changes after he reads the statement declaring that he is a liar. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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