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Discourse Community Analysis - Essay Example

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She quietly sat next to them and saw them nod their heads in agreement to the sermon about making friend and friendships. She also saw their amazed looks when she was introduced, “Mrs. Anne Anderson Rinaldi.”
This anecdote does…
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Discourse Community Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages The way the group looked at Anne as she went towards them showed that they were not in the least bit interested in making friends with her. They did not reach out to make her feel welcome. The group being members of the church should have been gracious to welcome her since Anne happens to be the visitor. In fact when Anne reached out to them one turned her back to Anne to block her from communicating with the rest. These actions distinctly showed Anne that she does not belong to the group. The words “From what church are you from?” could have meant something positive like they want to get to know her more and possibly become friends but the succeeding remark, “But your Minister Rinaldi, is a foreigner, right?” and the negative intonation showed disapproval. Even if Anne mentioned that their churches were affiliates, they still didn’t accept Anne as part of their group. Their intention to disassociate from Anne can further be seen when they left her and they did not show interest if she followed them or not.
The way they looked at Anne from under their noses and when they emphasized about Minister Rinaldi being a foreigner shows that they feel that they are higher in stature than Anne and Minister Rinaldi. It appears the women do not approve of the foreigner being a Minister for whatever reason and they also do not approve of Anne for being part of that Foreign Minister’s church.
The group uses non verbal actions to show people they do not like their true feelings for them. They do not want to easily admit people in their tight circle. They would really try to make one feel the odd one out. They initially tried pushing Anne away by not reaching out to her, by moving and turning ones back to her, and by not letting her finish her sentences. They made their final point when they finally left her without cordially saying farewell.
They are typical people who want to make a stand but prefer not to say things ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Discourse Community Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words - 4.
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