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Various factors have an effect on total serious crimes. This paper will analyse factors such as total population, percent of…
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Statistic Term Paper (University level)
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Download file to see previous pages The information generally pertains to the years 1976 - 1977 study periods. The variables and their description are provided below.
The data are divided randomly in two parts, training group and holdout group. The training group have 116 lines and holdout group have 25 lines. The multiple regression model will be developed using training group data and reliability of the multiple regression model will be checked using holdout group data.
The dependent variable (response variable) is total serious crimes (y = x11) and independent variables (explanatory variables) are total population (x3), percent of population in central cities (x4), percent of population 65 or older (x5), percent high school graduates (x8), civilian labor force (x9), and total personal income (x10).
Figure 1 to 6 shows the scatterplot of response variable against explanatory variables. As shown in figure 1, there appears a very strong direct relationship between total serious crimes and total population. As shown in figure 2, there appears a very weak direct relationship between total serious crimes and percent of population in central cities. As shown in figure 3, there appears a very weak direct relationship between total serious crimes and percent of population 65 or older. As shown in figure 4, there appears a very weak direct relationship between total serious crimes and percent high school graduates. As shown in figure 5, there appears a very strong direct relationship between total serious crimes and civilian labor force. As shown in figure 6, there appears a very strong direct relationship between total serious crimes and total personal income.
Table 1 shows the correlation matrix for all variables. From tables 1, it can be seen that total serious crimes (y) have very strong correlation with total population (x3), civilian labor force (x9), and total personal income (x10). Therefore, considering only these three variables total ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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