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The purpose of this report is to elaborate on the ways as to resolve the issues associated with the implementation of the proposal as to setting the maximum standard time for the arrival of a fire engine at a location at 12 minutes. This proposal constitutes an integral part of…
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Implementing Strategy & Managing Change
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Download file to see previous pages The crux of the solution is to facilitate a sense of participation to all the stakeholders associated with the issue to solicit maximum cooperation and compliance.
This report concerns the implementation of the proposal regarding setting the standard time in which a fire engine arrives at a location at 12 minutes. This proposal though being placed as an inalienable part of the current RMP has come across stiff resistance from the trade unions, government officials and the public. A successful implementation of this proposal necessitates the appraisal and understanding of the external environment in which the organization operates and identifying the salient cultural, political and technical constraints responsible for augmenting such resistance for this proposal (Greener & Hughes, 2006). It was found that extending a sense of ownership and participation to the stakeholders associated with and impacted by the issue would certainly go a long way in assuring a successful implementation of this proposal (Beitler, 2006).
As per the existing best practices corroborated three years ago, a fire engine is expected to arrive at 65 percent of the fire incidents within 5 minutes and at 90 percent of the locations in 8 minutes (London Safety Plan, 2008/2011). As per the available data, in the last three years, the fire engines failed to reach at 65 percent of the incidents within 5 minutes (London Safety Plan, 2008/2011). Hence, the attendance standards desperately need to be revised.
Going by the current realities, there will also be instances where the fire engines will take more time then the one enshrined in the existing best practices, to arrive at a location. Hence, the setting the maximum time to 12 minutes is pragmatic and realistic.
There exists a plethora of cultural factors causing resistance to the proposal under consideration. In the context of the fire and rescue services, London always commanded a peculiar background and attitude (Pepys, 1995). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Implementing Strategy & Managing Change Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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