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Established by Henry Bergh, a wealthy New Yorker in 1866, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is North America’s first humane society. Headed by Bergh, it has successfully petitioned the New York State Legislature to ratify the first anti-cruelty…
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The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)
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Lori Garreans English 101 – Charleston ASPCA: The Real Voice of Animals Established by Henry Bergh, a wealthy New Yorker in 1866, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is North America’s first humane society. Headed by Bergh, it has successfully petitioned the New York State Legislature to ratify the first anti-cruelty statute, which permits ASPCA to investigate animal cruelty cases. In line with this, the ASPCA has been successful in establishing the Humane Law Enforcement (HLE) Department, agents of which are permitted to train and work with the New York Police Department. They have penetrated almost all venues of promoting animal welfare: educating people about the proper care of pets, apprehending those who have been found to have been cruel to animals like those who operate dog- and cock-fighting rings, sequestering and providing shelters for those animals that have been treated cruelly, and helping cats, dogs, horses and other docile creatures successfully find homes that would care for them the right way.
Recently, ASPCA has even created a program called Meet Your Match that is the first and the only research-based adoption program that aims to match pets with the right owners and vise versa. This is indeed a wise step towards guaranteeing that animals at their various shelters all over the United States will find the right homes. ASPCA has also penetrated television by broadcasting, through and in cooperation with Animal Planet, the show “Animal Precinct,” which shows how people’s inhumane treatment of animals is a reality. It is happening everywhere and if one is not aware of it, then one may just ignore a neighbor who is being sadistic to his or her pet/s. With this show, people know that they can file a complaint, who to complain to, and that, ultimately, something can be done. Aside from creating awareness, the show also demonstrates how HLE agents work, their dedication and commitment to their job, and their sincere love for animals.
In 2001, ASPCA also launched an interactive website specifically designed to be navigated by children 7 years old and above. Involving the children and making them aware of the do’s and don’t’s of caring for their pets, whether at home or in the classroom, hrough the website and also through other programs like Henry’s Book Club and ASPCA’s Books for Children are ingenious and innovative ways of ensuring that everyone knows about animal cruelty. It is usually children who are mindful of how animals are being treated as most are inherently curious and sensitive to what the people around them are doing. Exploiting children’s love for animals and their curiosity for the purpose of, not only creating awareness, but increasing real complaints about animal cruelty is a clever way of ensuring that people are adopting a more humane attitude towards, not only their pets, but also other animals out there. Furthermore, educating parents, teachers and students is an excellent way to prevent the inhumane treatment of animals wherever they may happen.
The organization has been fighting against animal cruelty and propagating animal rights for almost one and a half centuries. Throughout the years, the perseverance of the organization can be seen through their numerous breakthrough projects that lobbied for the humane treatment of animals. Two pages are not enough to enumerate the programs they have successfully created and maintained to champion their cause. This shows how triumphant they have been, not only as an organization, but more importantly, as dedicated individuals—spearheaded by the late Henry Bergh—who have bonded together to support a cause. Animals have feelings and as pets, they are loyal servants to their masters; hence, they should be treated with the respect and love they deserve. ASPCA’s determination to end the appalling behavior of heartless people towards animals can be seen through the extent of their actions, the expansion of their programs and influence, the dedication of the people involved to catch and arrest these criminals, as well as the fact that since its creation, 25 humane societies have been patterned after it—not only in the United States, but also in other countries. It can be said then that ASPCA should be given five stars for their commitment to their cause, the innovative ideas they have implemented to further anti-cruelty to animals, the substantial results they have produced and for making the world aware that something can be done and that that something is already being done. In short, the ASPCA can be considered as the real and true voice of animals. Read More
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