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Perfume Fragrances Online. Online Cosmetics Retailer - Essay Example

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This paper will tell about online cosmetics retailer, the brand logo, the branding strategy design, internet impact and strategy, analyses additional opportunities of traffic generation for the online store,internationalisation and significant opportunity for growth and so on…
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Perfume Fragrances Online. Online Cosmetics Retailer
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Download file to see previous pages The company being established is a new player within the online retailing community, and more specifically operating within the cosmetics, perfume and fragrances sector of this retail market. The company is newly established and is focussing on the internet platform for a number of reasons including but not limited to the substantial reduction of overheads, based on the fact that retail venues, shops and locations are not specifically required to generate income for the company. In addition to this the company has identified a number of key issues, specifically within the online marketing, and search engine optimization fields that stand to benefit the company in boosting online sales via strategic brand marketing within the various products that will be sold via the online store.
The brand of Perfume Fragrances Online will operate on a skeleton administrative staff, which includes staff for the processing of orders, based upon their wholesale accounts and contracts with established cosmetic companies, which do and will continue to provide drop ship services to Perfume Fragrances Online customers. This concept drastically reduces staff complements, and can realize a more significant contribution towards the marketing and brand strategy budget.
This brand management strategy can be seen as focused entirely upon the internet opportunities that currently exist, and to this end the numerous platforms, such as social media marketing, pay per click and search engine optimization techniques and processes will be implemented in establishing the online presence of the company within the defined sectors and targeted segments of online users. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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