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Information and communication technology in society - Essay Example

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Through the internet, it is possible to find varying information on a particular subject depending on the author of the material. It…
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Information and communication technology in society
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Download file to see previous pages de worse by the time limit which makes it difficult for the young people to afford surfing for a longer time than their money would facilitate (Looker et al 2009 p 44). As such, they search for information quickly so as to save internet expenses thus leaving no space to evaluate the information they find. This leads to poor translation which results to cases of plagiarism especially in higher institutions of learning.
While searching for information on the internet using the search engines, it is always useful to use key words that would display specific information required. Research shows that young people are poor in this as they most of the time use long sentences that makes the searching process tedious and inaccurate (Luyt 2008). As such, they waste a lot of time before they could find information due to trial and errors. According to research, young people tend not realize that internet is not just the search engines such as Google, but a collection of many providers. This is due to the fact that they concentrate much of their information seeking on these search engines instead of widening their scope (Dresang 2006 p 25). As such, they get limited knowledge on the constituents of the internet, which could provide more valuable and effective information or which could help them quantify their ability to use the internet.
Digital divide is the gap that exists within the society due to the fact that not all persons have been able to acquire the skills to use internet technology (Rooksby 2008 p 181). This results from the difference in income generation between various individuals whereby some have the capability to acquire the necessary equipment which facilitates connectivity. According to research, almost 50% of adults in America alone do not have access to internet technology, a situation that is attributed to financial constraints (Warschauer 2004 p 115). It also shows that those with internet connection have a high chance of getting a job than those ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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