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Business english and communication - Assignment Example

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They focus their efforts on manufacturing technology that makes the life of the average person entertaining and easy. In order for their…
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Business english and communication
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"Business english and communication"

Download file to see previous pages They also manufacture televisions, storage devices, mobile phones, office equipment--like computers, notebook PCS, monitors, printers, and LCD displays--photography equipment, surveillance equipment, and household appliances. Much of this is usually produced in Korea, and it is shipped to other countries to be sold.
Communication is done between staff in the department via memos, messages, meetings, conferences, and phone calls. The HR department communicates primarily through email and phone correspondence, as well as in person. The general manager communicates with them via the same means. The marketing department communicates through the use of memos, emails, phone correspondence, and personal meetings with other staff to determine their next steps to take as far as getting products out to the public. The marketing department also uses press releases to give news to the public about new product releases. Once the marketing department and other company staff meet to determine what their next product lines will be, the production staff is then notified, and they work on producing what will appeal to the public.
Samsung corresponds with other companies located in different countries, such as between Korea and the US, to distribute their products as affiliates. The affiliates keep in communication with the main company through email and phone.
The function and communication structures of Samsung are very solid, cut, and dry. Staff within the headquarters can communicate with one another quickly and efficiently, as they can meet within offices and hold conferences should the need arise. Disputes within the company can be resolved quickly, and sudden changes can be communicated without much delay. The only weakness that can be seen is that their manufacturers are in Korea, which can present some issues with language barriers. Other than that, Samsung seems to be very well run.
Then, there is Microsoft. Microsoft is a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Business English and Communication Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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