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The position of the USA in the first Iraq War (Operation Desert Storm/ODS): An Example of Multilateral Coalition Building - Essay Example

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Besides, this work compares the coalition building process in Operation Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom, attempts to point out the unique circumstances that resulted in the ultimate…
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The position of the USA in the first Iraq War (Operation Desert Storm/ODS): An Example of Multilateral Coalition Building
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Extract of sample "The position of the USA in the first Iraq War (Operation Desert Storm/ODS): An Example of Multilateral Coalition Building"

Download file to see previous pages The discussion on alternatives to Military Action, especially Operation Desert Storm evaluates the possible alternatives like international negotiation, allowance of time for withdrawal and economic aid.
The Operation Desert Storm or ODS, the military operation conducted by the United States and its supporting nations against Iraq started in January 17, 1991, came to an end in February 28, 1991. National Security Directive 54, by former President Bush, which was issued in 1991 made clear that the main aim of ODS was to expel Iraqi forces from Kuwait (Tragert 204). The National Security Directive 54 makes clear that Operation Desert Storm is a military action conducted with the help of the United States’ air, sea, and military forces coordinated with allied forces against Iraq, to withdraw from Kuwait. The ODS was a follow up action to Operation Desert Shield, a military buildup operation conducted in Saudi Arabia. The President George Bush declared a military action, namely Operation Desert Shield to strengthen Saudi Arabia against Saddam Hussein (Meisler 261). This operation aimed to maintain a military force in Saudi Arabia to defend Arab States from external and internal aggressions. Besides, the ODS, a 43 day air campaign was considered as the most successful war conducted by the United States and its allies in 20th Century. The root cause of ODS is the invasion of Iraq on Kuwait on August 2, 1990. The massive air offensive against the Iraqi forces in Iraq and Kuwait started in January 17, 1991.
The aerial attack by the allied forces totally destroyed the air defensive system, communication network and oil refineries in Iraq. In addition, the allied forces attacked the Iraqi ground forces situated in Kuwait and Iraq. In February 24, the ground defensive attack against Iraq started from the North Eastern side of Saudi Arabia to Kuwait and Iraq. In February 27, the allied forces captured Kuwait, drove the Iraqi forces from the invaded ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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