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Luckily for us, Dr. Philips was there and shes absolutely a wonderful and caring doctors. I dont know what we would have done without here-…
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Hospital visit-socioeconomic issues
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The last time we got to the hospital, we were going to get treatment for my cousin who had a middle ear infection which was pretty bad. Luckily for us, Dr. Philips was there and shes absolutely a wonderful and caring doctors. I dont know what we would have done without here- shes helped us so much!
Looking back at the experience and contemplating this subject of socioeconomic problems after our last visit to the hospital, I realize not too many people realize this, but this subject has critical importance to millions of people worldwide. It is of course contingent on where youre from, as in certain countries the healthcare and welfare systems are functioning properly and fulfilling their purposes to the best degree possible, while at the same time there are entire countries that lack appropriate systems, causing extreme socio-economic problems.
When we mention socio-economic problems relating to hospital visiting, we generally talk about not having a health insurance. The sad reality of today is that there are so many people without a decent health insurance, and when they are in need of proper medical care, they cannot get the proper medical services and treatments due to their lack of money. This may seem absurd of false but in reality this is very common and millions today still dont have health insurance. This leads them to fend for themselves when it comes to medical treatments they need.
The first and best example I have to provide regarding this matter is that of my seventeen year old cousin with her ear infection. The socio-economic problems in her case were quite apparent. She, who came in due to a very painful middle ear infection, also suffered greatly because she couldnt open her mouth fully. Her infection was so severe that the doctor stated that she had to go to an ENT specialist. Clearly, specialists cost money, and the amount one has to pay for them is obviously greater than that one has to pay for regular hospital services.
My cousin subsequently didnt want to go to the ENT specialist. The reason for her hesitance is that she doesnt have a health insurance. This means that shell have to pay very large sums of money in order to go see that specialist. This is probably a sum she simply cannot afford. I wanted to help her so much, but there was nothing I can do for her!
Usually, when talking about socio-economic problems in this regard, we are talking about people from a lower social class (immigrants or people with a different ethnicity than most people in the country in the case of modern western countries, or perhaps the entire population in third world countries). These people have a harder time fitting into the general population and make a name for themselves in the field of employment. This is why they may have to work in jobs that dont earn them a lot of money, and given the costs of imperative everyday things like housing and transportation expenses, the cost of living (food, basic clothes, etc.) and other crucial things- they simply dont have enough money to pay for a health insurance.
In the case of a second patient weve come across that night we visited the hospital, the mother with her baby, it was a more delicate situation for her. Her baby was sick and had been vomiting several times during the night. If the mother didnt have health insurance, the baby may not have gotten the important treatment by the doctor.
There is a dire need to make some changes in order to improve the socio-economic problems regarding hospital visits. It is absolutely inconceivable that millions of people remain without health insurance and have to deal with these socio-economic problems too. For the sake of my cousin and millions of other people around the world, these socio-economic problems have to be resolved. That is what Ive concluded from that visit to the hospital. Read More
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