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Quite often the really is being masked by those self styled “Experts” and the gullible audience accept the same with much ado. Here are the examples of these types of ads.
In India, Cricket (1) is considered…
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Analyzing Experimental Research Studies
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Analyzing Experimental Research EVALUATING EXPARTS TESTIMONY Sudipta Bagchi ORDER NO # 331940 Analyzing Experimental Research -2 Introduction Advertisements are based on reality and that is absent altogether. Quite often the really is being masked by those self styled “Experts” and the gullible audience accept the same with much ado. Here are the examples of these types of ads.
1. “BOOST is the secret of my energy”
In India, Cricket (1) is considered as the greatest of all games and when the greatest hero of the game Sachin Tendulker announces that BOOST- a health drink by Cadbury is the secret of his energy in front of a cluster of tiny tot admirers, naturally, there moms will reach to the selves to make the stuff disappear and the company will romp home with handsome profit. But the reality is, the healthy breakfast that makes our child healthy consists of According to the American Dietetic Association, these can include:
ready-to-eat cereal with fruit and milk
toasted bagel with cheese
fruit-filled breakfast bar and yogurt
toasted waffle topped with fruit and yogurt
fruit smoothie (fruit and milk whirled in a blender)
peanut butter on whole-wheat toast (2)
The conclusion is,
1. Sachin Tendulkar is not an authority in nutriation; rather, he is an ace cricket player. It is, by every means, a classic case of using experts in the wrong field of expertise.
2. He is not a person who can be recognised as expert in the said field. Neither has he has that qualification nor the expertise to be a nutrition exponent.
The Castrol (3) brand speaks for itself and the performance is acknowledged world over. But when they borrow Cristiano Ronaldo, the highest paid footballer under the Sun, the sale might have been surged northwards but the finer contents and the subtle technicalities somehow have been thwarted or compromised. The ace footballer may know the game but the ultimate seven point advantage which the EDGE brand has been provided including protection against wear, long lasting oil and cleaner engine to name a few has not been uttered in proper manner. The “expert” here has a very little role to play to describe the superior parts of the lubricant since his expertise pertains to a different field. The only common lining in
Analyzing Experimental Research -3
between the Brand Ronaldo and Brand Castrol Edge is the speed and lithe characteristics that hold sway and score much higher then the content of the ad itself.
The Conclusion is,
1. Ronaldo is being paid a handsome amount to share his ‘expert’ comment. His decisions are bound to be blurred by the generous booty that has been given to him.
2. Naturally, his expertise is bound to be biased and it will not be a wise man’s decision to go by the product in a blind fold manner.
3. John McCain Presidential campaign
John McCain has copiously used Paris Hilton who says few words against the “Biggest Celebrity” Barak Obama. Her rhetoric was a curious mix over some topics like “Offshore Dealing”, Higher Taxes “and so on. Again here the ad content platters out a hollow massage. A socialite like Hilton is best suited for her comments on latest trend of fashions or foot wares. She is welcome to share her recent experience in a luxury cruise but her political acumens are not a proper topic to discuss. Leave aside the title “expert” she is a non grata persona in political field. Naturally when she shares her concern over these topics which perhaps were uttered for the first time in her life, it hardly cracks any ice. (4)
Here it can be said that:
1. Paris Hilton has not given a second thought about his limitation as a political commentator. It is not a realistic approach from the part of the ad managers to use her political ‘acumen’ as the USP to fetch more voting percentage.
2. Her testimony as an expert was contradicted with a much cleaver ad where a battery of bright faces stand up to say “YES WE CAN”. What they can or can’t, will be judged by time, but the ad of Paris Hilton was aptly countered with three innocuous words. Here lies the brilliance of a good ad campaign.
Analyzing Experimental Research -4
1. Cricket : As per Wikipedia “Cricket is a bat-and-ball team sport that is first documented as being played in southern England in the 16th century.’. Played in Indian subcontinent, Australia, England and South Africa. Absolutely popular in these places.
Ref :
2 The website that has given the complete information regarding the kids nutrition is
3 The Castrol Brand : all the features and other info is being obtained from
4 Other important information and ad campaign clippings are from Read More
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