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Marketing and Strategy: Markets, Competitors, and Customers . Assignment (Case Analysis) - Essay Example

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It is located in Norwich. This paper provides a critical analysis of the value curve model and some other strategic model. The paper also provides various strategic recommendations for…
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Marketing and Strategy: Markets, Competitors, and Customers . Assignment (Case Analysis)
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Download file to see previous pages There were only 87 undergraduate students in the beginning (University of East Anglia, n.d.). University has always tried to provide education in a uniquely distinct way as the main objective of the university is to ‘do different’. Currently there are almost 300 courses which are offered to the students (University of East Anglia, n.d.). Currently there are almost 13000 students in the university (Study Abroad Office, n.d.). UEA pays lot of attention on maintaining healthy business relationships with different international, national and local organizations. University offers various facilities to different organizations. It allows using its infrastructure; it allows organizations to work with its students as well as academics and stuffs. University also provides help in terms of funding, training and development etc. (University of East Anglia, n.d.) Such a well established renowned university in UK can adopt various strategies to improve its current market situation and develop new markets within 2018. This could be done by critically analyzing the value curve and various other marketing and strategic management theories.
Value curve is basically a very effective tool used to create new market space for a particular company or industry. It is a graphical representation that provides an overview of the present performance in a market place which is a known one. It also helps to understand the main focus of competition regarding investment, role of various factors in the competition and different offerings to the customers. In the horizontal axis of a value curve represents various factors which determine the competition and investment, whereas the vertical axis represents the level of offering which is received by the customers (Yang, B. n.d.). Apart from value curve there are other strategic management and marketing theories like porters five forces analysis, SWOT analysis which would be effective tool in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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