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Religion/ethics - Essay Example

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Described as a wife to Er, the oldest son of Judah, who was killed by God due to his wickedness, Tamar married another of Judah’s sons and his name was Onan. When he was also killed by God, Judah took upon himself to marry Tamar to another of his sons and his name was Shelah…
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Extract of sample "Religion/ethics"

Religion Ethics In point of fact, the Judah and Tamar story is one of the most exciting and interesting stories in Genesis 38. Themes of prostitution, justice, love and honor are recurrent throughout the narrative.
Described as a wife to Er, the oldest son of Judah, who was killed by God due to his wickedness, Tamar married another of Judah’s sons and his name was Onan. When he was also killed by God, Judah took upon himself to marry Tamar to another of his sons and his name was Shelah. The latter was still young to be married to Tamar, who eventually realized that Judah did not want her to marry his son. So, Tamar had recourse to prostitution, as a means thanks to which she can give birth to children. As far as I’m concerned, I think that this was the most awful sin Tamar ever did.
In spite of their age difference, Tamar and Judah had a sexual relationship since the common habit of that time was that Tamar should produce children for her dead husband, Er. For that alone, Tamar, as a widow, resolved to have children from Er’s father, Judah. Disguised as a whore, Tamar seduced Judah to become the father of her offsprings. She consequently gave birth to twins from him and they were called Perez and Zerah.
The narrative is fraught with many sexual morality issues like prostitution, sexual seduction and harlotry. Incest is so conspicuous in the narrative as Tamar had been married to Judah even though his son had already touched her. Also, selling one’s honor is something prominent as Tamar were not used to practicing harlotry for free; rather, she would get recompenses for that. What is more is that Judah is portrayed as a man who is incapable of implementing his promises to Tamar.
On the whole, the narrative teaches us many moral lessons. Besides staying faithful to one’s life-partner, one ought to keep the promises one makes, especially to his / her loved ones. Honestly, this story shall make me abide by the teachings of the Scripture, help me fulfill all my responsibilities towards my family members and never dare immerse myself into harlotry so long as it is something forbidden almost in all faiths.
The Book of Ruth
Consisting of only four chapters, the book of Ruth is considered to be one of the Historical Books of the Old Testament. Ruth is in fact the leading figure in this book and this is why the book was named after her. Having its setting in the days when the judges governed with much depravity and corruption and when famine was spreading widely in Israel, the book of Ruth put into questions several characters and themes. Sin, repentance, crying to God and punishment are at work in this narrative account.
Remarkable is that the characters in Ruth were depicted as faithful and responsible for their own fate. Faithfulness was a recurrent theme that was discussed many times in the whole Book. Most importantly, Boaz, Noami and Ruth had shown a strong belief throughout the Book. These characters, according to many critiques, seem to share another quality like integrity and cooperation.
Among the qualities of Ruth for example is that it was bright, hopeful and she was neither bitter nor hopeless. More than that, she was very hardworking. Thus, Boaz would give her permission to continue gleaning in his fields. He was so amazed at her wonderful character, for she would always put others first.
Indeed, the entire Book of Ruth can also be called the book of Naomi given the vital role Naomi plays in the story. She was the first female character that was mentioned in the Book; she seems to control some of the book’s sequences. She was described as having a stoic character irrespective of the numerous misfortunes that befell on her. She even protected Ruth from some alien men and guided Ruth to the right way in order to get Boaz’s heart.
With respect to Boaz, the reader can note that Boaz possessed a very kind and friendly character. He showed himself to be a very good model for stewardship of the wealthy. He also showed himself to be a good man believing in great human values like solidarity as he would share both his food and harvest. As for Orpah, Naomi’s Moabite sister-in-law, she seems to be calm, pleasant and quite polite. However, when her own interests were at risk, she would turn to gods and to her people.
In a nutshell, we can say that the Book of Ruth is a pleasant story wherein steadfast love has triumphed over poverty. Almost all the characters are lovable and patient not because they have endured many afflictions but mainly because they are helpful to each other. Read More
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Religion/Ethics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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