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Measurements/Assessments Paper - Essay Example

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For instance, one might want to research a new and improved technology that has not been thought of that will enable those in the field to better solve crime cases, which will help to procure justice for…
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Measurements/Assessments Paper
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Download file to see previous pages Qualitative research also enables forensic workers to discover which of the already existing methods and technologies do better at coming to a conclusion, such as the cause of death, how a person’s last moments played out, who committed the crime or analysis of the mind of the criminal and his motives through various psychological evaluation methods. After extensive research is done on various testing methods and technologies, the old and less effective ones are weeded out, and the testing methods and technologies that prove to be the most reliable are used. It is through extensive research that those in the field of forensics use nothing but the best to complete their tasks.
Such research has even been done to individuals in the military. For instance, there was a study that was conducted with three groups of military personnel to show how people are able to fake personalities on a personality inventory (Zickar and Robie, 1999). When this information was gathered, it was then used to determine how to better determine what people’s personalities were like. Forensics and other professionals could use this information to further develop much better tools for measuring people and determining their personality types, bypassing when they might fake who they are in order to influence their fate, especially if they should be the ones who have committed the crime. Criminals are very intelligent people, thus they may use this to their advantage. It is up to the researchers and forensic specialists to stay one step ahead of them, always searching out which tools are the best to get the job done, hence the reason that qualitative research plays an important role in the field of forensics.
According to an article published on the web, constructs are only theories that cannot be directly or indirectly observed. Constructs are only based on observations that may take place over a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Measurements/Assessments Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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