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For postmodernists, the debate on whether the mass media has created a mass culture is no longer tenable. Evaluate this claim - Essay Example

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Continuous activity in the sense, people all over the world has been indulging in various physical and mental activities to achieve advancement. Importantly, these activities have been carried out in…
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For postmodernists, the debate on whether the mass media has created a mass culture is no longer tenable. Evaluate this claim
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Extract of sample "For postmodernists, the debate on whether the mass media has created a mass culture is no longer tenable. Evaluate this claim"

Download file to see previous pages However, in this globalised world, these geographical lines have blurred due to the far reaching media. That is, omnipresent media reaches various territories cutting across geographical lines and covers the activities of specific cultures and broadcasts or reports in a certain way, so that culture becomes a mass culture.
In today’s age of technology and information, media influences every aspect of human life. The thinking and the attitude of the people towards a particular issue is shaped by the media or shaped by how the media shows or broadcasts or reports. The manner in which cultures are represented in media has a major impact on the way people look and imbue that culture. The mainstream mass media in the form of television, movies, newspapers, internet, etc has the ability to dominate the airwaves as well as the ‘mind waves’ of the spectators or audience, ‘injecting’ their view as our view. This form of injecting their view as our view mainly leads to the creation of mass culture. From earlier centuries, it is a common knowledge that for a nation to reach the top echelons, its armed forces has to be strong. But, now along with the armed power or “hard power”, the concept of “Soft Power” or mass media is turning out to be one of the vital factors for a nation’s development and importantly for the development of mass culture. With media entering majority of the homes and thereby minds of majority of the world population, it is used by nations, organizations and many other entities to optimally tune the people’s mind, making many of them exhibit specific behaviours, thereby leading to the formation of a mass culture. Thus, mass media is playing a major and influencing role in the creation of mass culture and this notion has found favour among majority of the Postmodernist thinkers.
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For Postmodernists, the Debate on Whether the Mass Media Has Created a Essay.
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