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The effect of media in the society has a formidable force in terms of influencing various activities and behaviours of man.Since the inception of media in various dimensions of human thoughts, the outcome has been tremendous and this has attracted wide application in various…
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Mass Media Effects
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Mass Media Effects The effect of media in the society has a formidable force in terms of influencing various activities and behaviours of man.Since the inception of media in various dimensions of human thoughts, the outcome has been tremendous and this has attracted wide application in various corners of socio-economic and political matters across the world. The bussines community, political players and religious leaders have got the use of media to be very effective for their achievement of the set goals (Cogan, Brian, and Tony Kelso,168).
In many peoles e-mails features various advertisements like Coca-Cola which infiltrates the mind with regular visit to the site and makes the interfaceof the various websites attractive.Through this, mass media gets its way into the people of different walks of life.
The advertisements featuring Coca-Cola involve participation of the young generation at their prime with a lot of energy.The other one involve all age groups and the obvious audience in this advertisement is the young population of the Coca-Coala global market who would like to associate themselves with such an imaginary life full of entertainment. The values associated with the advertisement is all about team spirit and cultural diversity and this is the common denominator between the two adverts.
From the example of the role of media in spreading Nazi propaganda against the Jews, it can be seen that mass media is one of the most lethal tool for influencing behavior of the mass(Cogan, Brian, and Tony Kelso,168) .A typical recent experience of the effect of Media is the congoing Arab revolution that stated with media incitement of the citizens through social netwoirking sites like facebook and ther. The Rwandan genocide of 1994 in Africa is also a quick remind of the influence of mass media in confusing people.
The same influence of media has been used over time by some media channels like Aljazeera to propagate anti US ideas.US on the other hand uses the same tool like the live broadcast of the attack on AlQaeda mastermind to show the world its efforts towards elimination of terrorism.
Media manipulaytes the psychology of a mass and once the majority shows interest towards a given course of action then any other antagonist or different idea islikely to be overwhelmed in an individual hence being swept into the opinion of the mass. Tis is the concept applied in political propaganda and advertisements.
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Cogan, Brian, and Tony Kelso. Encyclopedia of Politics, the Media, and Popular Culture. Santa Barbara, Calif: Greenwood Press, 2009. Print. Read More
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Mass Media Effects Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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