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Staffing and defining an arts organization - Assignment Example

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After long years of the artistic leadership by Bryans, the rein of the organization was handed over to Judith Chapman in 2003. Since its…
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Staffing and defining an arts organization
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"Staffing and defining an arts organization"

Download file to see previous pages that “Our main reason for being is to create theatre productions that reflect the Canadian experience of the past, present and future” (What we do, n. d.).
The mission statement of the organization rest upon the values, which is expressed as- “we are very active in play development as a means of supporting Canadian playwrights and building the repertoire of Canadian plays” (What we do, n. d.).
The director is more responsible for the artistic activities of the organization rather than engaging in the day to day activities of the organization. He must have the vision that the plays staged by the organization must be unique and uphold the values of the organization enunciated by the founder.
He must be a person of long term vision as the organization’s future id relied upon how competent he is in keeping the studio upfront of similar organizations. Similarly, he must have good managerial abilities and leadership qualities as he is the person responsible for coordinating the whole activities of the organization. He should have a good foresight and motivational qualities. He must motivate the entire people in the organization so that the objectives can be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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