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These uncertainties or risks must be taken into account when we undertake a project. This paper will expansively present the risks involved…
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Risk in building house
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Client’s 26 October 2009 There are myriad uncertainties that we come across in our everyday life, these uncertainties sometimes have atelling impact on our lives. These uncertainties or risks must be taken into account when we undertake a project. This paper will expansively present the risks involved in building a house, this paper will also throw light upon how these risks can be taken into account and how these risks can be avoided by proper planning.
Risk Management planning:
It is very important to plan and take into consideration the various risks involved in the process of building a house. A note must be made of all the potential risks and the remedies to counter these risks must also be written side by side. This step will help in simplifying the complex process.
Risk Identification:
This step is also very important and every potential risk must be made note of and it should be dealt with accordingly. There are several risks involved in building a house and one needs to be very cautious not to ignore any risks. This step will facilitate all the other steps and it will decrease the level of uncertainty.
Qualitative risk analysis:
This step is one of the most important steps of all, the risks that have been made note of should be dealt with and the best way of dealing with these risks is to have backups or plan B. Plan B is very useful and it again brings down the level of risk.
Monitoring and Control:
These steps are dependent and one cannot be completed without the support of the other, monitoring is another very important step and if this is not incorporated then the whole process may fail. Monitoring reduces the risks involved in building a house, after the process of planning is completed, it is essential to ensure that the steps decided must be incorporated and this is where monitoring and controlling comes into the picture. Maintaining a risk register is also important and all these steps should be followed when one decides to build a house in order to bring down the level of uncertainty involved in this complicated process.
This concept can be better explained with the help of a table
A. Scope document approval delayed will set schedule back
B. Site survey not excepted will halt the project
C. Permits cannot be obtained will stop the project
D. Open hole inspection failed will cause new holes to be dug
E. Foundation inspection failed will cause the laying of a new foundation
F. Material delivery phase 1 delayed will set back the schedule
G. Rough framing inspection failed will cause framing to redone
H. Material delivery phase 2 delayed will set back project schedule
I. Electrical inspection failed will cause the electric to be done over
J. Final electrical inspection failed will cause the electric to be done over
K. Final inspection failed will cause the team to fix what is wrong
L. Lost work days due to bad weather will set back the schedule
M. Labour is insufficient will cause construction mistakes and set back the project
N. Project goes over budget will cause our team to come out of pocket
O. Material costs rise will cause the team to lose profit
P. Bad weather prevents pouring of cement will set back the schedule
It is integral to divide this perplexing process into two namely Mitigation and contingency. When it comes to receiving the material for the house, it must be ensured that everything is received well before the deadline and a deadline of one week is set. As far as the mitigation is concerned, one must find another vendor should the primary vendor fail to provide the material required to build the house. The weather conditions is another aspect that requires great deal of attention, it must be checked beforehand and it must be made sure that the conditions are ideal for the workers to start the process. The foundation hole must be covered at all costs if the weather is inopportune.
A copy of the specs must be received by the project manager and he must ensure that the specs align. If this does not happen then small adjustments must be made to cover all the risks. The contractor and the client are the two most important parties involved in this process; they must meet very frequently in order to ensure that everything goes according to the plan. Expertise is pivotal in this process and it must be ensured that top-notch people are recruited for the job, the role of plumber is also very important and it must be ensured that the best plumbers are hired to facilitate this complicated process. The leaked pipes if any can upset the applecart and all water pipes must be extensively checked after the workers are done for the day. This can cause a lot of problems and can result in a loss of funds; hence it is very important to ensure that no leaked water pipes are used at the construction site. This is where the plumbers play a crucial role, after the process of plumbing is done if the pipes leak, it can cause a lot of trouble. It can result in loss of too many important things like money, time, effort and many more important things. This is why this step is very important and must be taken care of at all costs. To conclude it is important to keep a check on the damage caused by the workers and any sort of damage must be fixed and whatever material has been used should be kept at an appropriate place in order to ensure cleanliness in the vicinity. Read More
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