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Building a House Utilizing Traditional Brick and Block Construction - Coursework Example

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This paper intends to elaborately discuss details involved in the construction of the brick and block traditional house. This research tells that the traditional brick and block system of house construction still up to date remain the most popular way of house construction…
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Building a House Utilizing Traditional Brick and Block Construction
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Download file to see previous pages This research tells that the construction of brick and block traditional houses begin with the digging of the trench. The trench is the site where the foundation will be laid on and should be well inspected before the concrete is laid. This must be done in accordance with the plan of construction. The plan is very instrumental precisely when revealing the load-bearing walls and the width of the tranches to be excavated. When building the wall the choice of brick and block to be used is very important. This affects the brick to be used in the foundation and when building the course block works as far as color and size are concerned. The foundation trench concrete is therefore laid down to a depth at least 150mm or as specified in the plan. After the laying of the concrete, the bricks and blocks are laid down in cavity wall construction depending on the planned design style. The construction of the two walls is done with the two skins constructed next to one another leaving a cavity in between them. The traditional brick and block develop a relative solid 9-inch wall. The main challenge despite the thickness is the risk due to exposure to moisture. However, with the cavity, it is difficult for water to get across the void between the two skins. To effectively prevent dampness, there is need to clear up the cement falling in between the walls during construction. This is primarily because if left there for long, it will pile up hence creates a bridge which will accelerate moistening the wall course. The builders also need to tie both the brick-work and block-work skins together but carefully and at a regular interval. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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