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Three Little Pigs: Modern Methods of Construction versus Traditional Building - Coursework Example

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The author of the "Three Little Pigs: Modern Methods of Construction versus Traditional Building" paper compares the advantages and disadvantages of traditional construction against a modern method of construction for the starter homes to be built on this site.  …
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Three Little Pigs: Modern Methods of Construction versus Traditional Building
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Extract of sample "Three Little Pigs: Modern Methods of Construction versus Traditional Building"

Download file to see previous pages For most families, this means they do not want to see their house deteriorate faster than their home loan balance shrinks.

Quality housing for small budgets has to be considered profitably, but ethically, by builders, no matter how fundamental their clients’ needs might be, (Emmitt and Gorse, 2005) and there are a number of options. Here, the advantages and disadvantages of traditional building methods will be weighed against those of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC). Many are those who believe in the benefits brought about by MMC (English Partnerships, 2008). There are also those who firmly believe in the positive aspects of traditional methods. (National Heritage Training Group, 2007)

When the project at hand is the construction of a group of two-story, three-bedroomed dwellings on one side, a number of aspects must be kept in mind. From the basic demands of the site in question, that is, orientation, gradient, soil and surface type and location (coastal, inland, etc) to the fundamental functional requirements of safety, functionality, durability, and comfort. The overarching aim is to achieve all aspects in the most economical, harmless, and well-timed fashion using the most appropriate materials available (Emmit and Gorse, ibid).

In order to protect the traditional aspect of English architecture, it is thought wise to follow designs known to be visually pleasing, popular, and that blend in with existing buildings in the area. Historical context is important. On the other hand, to avoid blandness and sameness, innovation in design is vital for keeping the visual architecture alive and interesting. Change is necessary, and it is also unavoidable.

The design must also conform with the use families make of their houses and how design plays a part in their function. MMC makes sure modern activities, environmental considerations, and changing use of space is catered for. Adaptability and form follow function. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Three Little Pigs: Modern Methods of Construction versus Traditional Coursework, n.d.)
Three Little Pigs: Modern Methods of Construction versus Traditional Coursework.
(Three Little Pigs: Modern Methods of Construction Versus Traditional Coursework)
Three Little Pigs: Modern Methods of Construction Versus Traditional Coursework.
“Three Little Pigs: Modern Methods of Construction Versus Traditional Coursework”.
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