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(research proposal)Exaime the diffculties african carribian lone parent face in employement in the united kingdom - Essay Example

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The hypothesis for this study is that Afro-Caribbean lone parents are facing a worse employment situation after the New Deal for Lone Parents was…
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(research proposal)Exaime the diffculties african carribian lone parent face in employement in the united kingdom
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Extract of sample "(research proposal)Exaime the diffculties african carribian lone parent face in employement in the united kingdom"

Download file to see previous pages will include, how many employed Afro-Caribbean lone parents in a selected sample have an economically sound job and what is the average distance they have to travel to reach their employment station, how many hours does an Afro-Caribbean lone parent work on an average and how many hours does he/she spend with his/her child/children, what kind of public transport facilities are available for a working Afro-Caribbean lone parent and what kind of support an Afro-Caribbean lone parent receives from his/her family members.
One major study on the economic status of lone parents in UK was done by J. Millar and Karen Rowlingson (2001). Millar and Rowlingson (2001, pp.180) have found that the majority of lone-parent families in Britain are White but some ethnic minority groups are over-represented among lone-parent families (such as Afro-carrebian women). Another study (Giddens &Griffiths, 2006, pp.215) has also substantiated this as a fact by noting that “there are far fewer black women aged between twenty and forty four living with a husband than there are white women in the same age group.”
Millar and Rowlingson (2001, pp.183) have observed, “the link between high rates of lone parenthood and lack of labour demand causes problems for lone parents for seeking paid work.”These researchers (Millar & Rowlingson, 2001, pp.183) have inferred that one reason for the high rate of lone parenthood in certain areas is owing to the deficiency of decent paid jobs for men in the locality, which detracts them from becoming “husband-father-breadwinners.” Hence they (Millar & Rowlingson, 2001, pp.183) have suggested that “improving employment opportunities in deprived areas for both men and women could therefore increase the labour market participation of lone parents, while at the same time reduce the number of lone parent families.”
It was when New Labour came to power in UK that the policies on lone parents underwent a drastic change. Millar and Rowlingson (2001, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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