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Outsourcing and how it has effected communication between customers and companies that outsource - Essay Example

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Economic globalization is the dominant engine of global economic growth and is responsible for the spread of both consumerism and…
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Outsourcing and how it has effected communication between customers and companies that outsource
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Download file to see previous pages The result today is a capitalist international economy which has made inroads into the formerly socialist states of eastern and central Europe. Global interdependence is now a feature of the world system and whether one thinks that globalization is a good or bad thing it remains here to stay. Outsourcing, meaning the subcontracting of employment to other countries, is an increasingly common phenomenon with global ramifications (the terms “offshoring” and “outsourcing” will be used interdependently here). As the jobs of the first world make their way to the developing countries of the third world, the forces of globalization have had many unintended consequences. The loss of manufacturing jobs in the countries of the Western world and their movement to lower paying countries of the developing “third world” has restructured the global economy. While outsourcing has had variety of consequences, both positive and negative, this research paper aims to provide a holistic analysis of the outsourcing phenomenon in the twenty-first century. What have been the effects on customer satisfaction of outsourcing between customers and companies that outsource? The following will now explore this important question in light of the offshoring phenomenon.
Seeking to understand the correlations between customer satisfaction and the offshoring of tasks, duties and responsibilities in the twenty-first century, a recent article in the Wall Street Journal highlighted the important concerns raised by customers when customer service is offshored. Have you ever called a company with a question or complaint and been redirected to Bangladesh, India or the Philippines? Arguing that this is an increasingly common phenomenon in our era of globalized trade and that outsourcing primary customer service functions have a wide variety of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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