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Assigment 3 - Essay Example

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We usually hang out together and hence everybody knows us as the people who are always together, having fun and basically enjoying life to the maximum possible levels. We have done what others cannot even think of. We have done trekking…
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Assigment 3
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Extract of sample "Assigment 3"

Not Talking to My Best Friend for a Day I and Rick are the best of friends. We usually hang out together and hence everybody knows us as the people who are always together, having fun and basically enjoying life to the maximum possible levels. We have done what others cannot even think of. We have done trekking together, gone for sailing, been through a paragliding experience, played soccer and eaten out. We have therefore done things that other friends would hardly indulge into. However one day within our companionship was the worst one for both of us. It was on 22nd November 2008 when one of us started to act very nasty and thus the reason that I stopped talking to Rick that day. I was unsure why I was doing the same but during the course of the day; I started to realize so many negativities that were in his personality. I had never envisioned Rick to be that bad but that day made me think of very negative things about him. I saw that he was not only mean but also very authoritative in his actions and undertakings, and that he would things as feels like. I was against such a personality in my mind but I never realized until that day that he was a bad person to be friends with. In short, I had come across so much about him in my mind that day that I could not even gather the same in the years passed by. It was an eye-opener for me. In the evening, we two met at the basketball court but did not talk to each other. Our combined friends were astonished as to what exactly was going on between the two of us.
This was a very unusual experience for me since I could not have envisioned something that would keep me at a distance from Rick for one entire day. It was a heartbreaking thing yet I was more than happy to be away from him. We had not talked to each other the whole day and my animosity for him was growing with each passing minute. I was literally cursing him for the bad things that existed within his personality. At about 10 o’ clock in the night, I bumped into Rick at the store. He was getting his usual dose of cola drinks and I was there to get some medicines for my family. We still did not talk to each other, let alone did not even bother to have a second gaze. Suddenly the salesman asked me to wait for Rick to stop shopping so that we could pay together. I was amazed and so was Rick that nearly everyone around us knew so much about our friendship that they took us as ‘one’ and not two separate individuals. Suddenly something happened and it made me go and hug him instantly. It was one of those feelings that one has very little control about. I could not stop myself at all. Rick also opened his arms and embraced me. Indeed this day was one of the weirdest days in my life. I am happy to be back with him again. Read More
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(Assigment 3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Assigment 3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Assigment 3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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