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The phenomenon of multiculturalism emerged because of post-colonial immigration, juxtaposition of different national and ethnic groups and minorities. The multiculturalism is widely accepted today, because proponents think social cohesion is achieved as it penetrates more and…
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Multiculturalism issues and economic-based solutions
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and Section # of Multiculturalism Issues and Economic Based Solutions The phenomenon of multiculturalism emerged because of post-colonial immigration, juxtaposition of different national and ethnic groups and minorities. The multiculturalism is widely accepted today, because proponents think social cohesion is achieved as it penetrates more and more into the society; but the critics argue that it indulges societies to become a victim of ‘cultural relativism’. When rights of individuals are fulfilled, then the society falls victim to a situation where different rights clash unavoidably.

To tackle this issue, Goldring and Smrekar (2000) came up with an idea of magnet schools, these are public schools, in minority neighborhoods, that aim to attract white students, even from outside attendance zones. The student bodies in school are racially balanced because of desegregation orders given to these schools. It was then found that in such schools there was higher demand for student enrollment, teacher turnover was low, and more importantly it provided social integration.
Kerr in writings has also build up a case for citizenship – the process of intensifying cultural influence through mutual contact .It is suggested that this matter be taken up formally in schools, so that diversity is taken as a source of social cohesion in the society. But this matter of citizenship though taught in schools cannot be followed as such in true spirit, because, economic consequences of wars, oil crisis etc. has resulted in restructuring democracies, in meeting welfare needs of their people etc.
Sometimes the activism for multiculturalism aggravates long enough to end up in a fight for redistribution of homeland for natives who for a time have been living peacefully.
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