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Smoking - Statistics Project Example

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An analysis of the data show that Kentucky has the largest number of smokers at 28.6% whereas Utah has the lowest number of smokers at 9.8% of the entire population…
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Extract of sample "Smoking"

Download file to see previous pages male, this shows that more male than female smoke, results also show that among the states Utah has the least number of smokers while Kentucky has the largest number of smokers, the following is an analysis of the 2006 data retrieved from US census website.
Data was retrieved from the US census website The data contains the percentage of those who smoked in each state and the percentage of male and female who smoked in each state. The data is appropriate in that it will help in the comparison of the percentage of smokers in each state. This analysis will help in the formulation of policies that aid in reducing the number of smokers and promoting health among the citizens. States with high percentage levels of smokers can adopt policies existing in low percentage states and therefore promote a healthy population.
Data was retrieved from the US census due to availability, another reason why this data was selected was due to completeness of the data, the other reason is that data is accurate and reliable given that the data base is maintained by the state.
An analysis of the mean percentage value for all the states show that the mean percentage value of all those who smoke in all the states is 20.34%, the mean percentage value for male individuals is 22.17% and18.64% for female individuals. The following chart summarizes the results:
In July 2006 the US census estimated the population size to amount to 298,362,973, this means that the number of smokers was 20.20% X 298,362,973= 60, 269321; therefore approximately over 60 million individuals were smokers in the year 2006.
From the above chart it is evident that all those who smoke 54.55% are male while only 45.45% are female. This means that given that those who smoked amounted to 60,269321 this means that the number of male individuals who smoked amounted to 54.55% X 60,269321 = 32,874,175 while the number of females amounted to approximately 45.45% X 60,269321 ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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... a hundred years of experience of the consequences of smoking. Concern in society on the implications of smoking has led to public policy towards controlling the decision of the teenagers to start smoking and cessation of smoking strategies in the adult population (Sloan, Smith & Taylor, 2003). Smoking in the United Kingdom The early twentieth century witnessed smoking becoming a mass phenomenon in the United Kingdom, riding on the smoking being the “in” thing in society. Almost 13 million of the population in the United Kingdom continues as smokers. Estimates suggest that half of the smoking population will have premature deaths, as a consequence of diseases caused by smoking, losing a minimum of eight years in their life span...
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.... It shall also briefly touch the history of smoking, the reason why it escalated and why it fell. These previous trends are kept as a focal point in the end when a recommendation for action is presented in the conclusion. Smoking and Its Increasing Prevalence Introduction All over the globe including the U.S.A, there is a rising concern by the medical agencies and public health insitutions in regards to the vice of Smoking. They are calling for Hollywood movies that contain scenes where people are smoking; to be rated as adult or explicit. The concept and reasoning behind this outcry is that enforcing such a rating might end up reducing the number of youth who are...
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..., “Joe Paterno has lung cancer: What are the risks?”, published in Los Angeles Times on November 18, 2011, says the reasons for the lung cvancer caused to former Penn State football coach Joe Paterno. Joe Paterno has been diagnosed with a treatable form of lung cancer recently. She has pointed out that Paterno has never been known as a smoker. In her opinion, “The most common risk factor for lung cancer is a history of smoking -- even if a patient quit decades earlier. Its not uncommon for patients to quit and think theyre no longer at risk” (Khan). Brizer (2003) has also mentioned the association of cancer with smoking. “German researchers proved the association of cancer with smoking” (Brizer, p.21). Even though smoking can cause...
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... years from their lives and significantly lowers the quality of life in all the years they continue the habit. The country’s economy loses as well, $75 billion in health care costs and $82 billion in productivity each year. “Smoking is the leading preventable cause of death and disease, costing us too many lives, too many dollars and too many tears. If we are going to be serious about improving health and preventing disease we must continue to drive down tobacco use.” (“New Surgeon,” 2004) Smoking causes many negative health issues. Many were identified in 1964. A partial list includes lung, throat, mouth and bladder cancers, heart disease and chronic bronchitis. A 2004 report added stomach, kidney and pancreatic cancer, pneumonia...
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... hazards, by viruses, food items, pesticides and other organophosphorous compounds and cosmetic agents may act as carcinogenic agents (Irigaray, 2007). The present research proposal is to highlight the significance of smoking in treating cancer. Literature Review Treatment of cancer involves chemotherapy and radiotherapy. However, studies reveal that investigative studies presents neurobiological, pharmacological implications of marijuana and its therapeutic propositions for HIV wasting, glaucoma and cancer chemotherapy ("American College of Physicians", 2008). However, an impediment to pursue research is attributed to the intricacies exhibited by the federal approval methodology, insufficient availability of research-level marijuana...
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..., lung obstructive diseases by 12 to 13 times. To this end, it is pertinent for both smokers and non smokers to be enlightened on the risks factor of smoking, the benefits of not smoking as well as the intervention mechanisms for quitting smoking. Goals of the program To decrease the incidence rate of osteoporosis, and raise awareness about it among community. To raise awareness about the risks associated with smoking, and to reduce the incidence of smokers in the society. To encourage lifestyle change among ardent smokers and provide rehabilitation intervention measures. To offer supportive schedules for smoke addicts through counseling. Objectives At the closure of the program at least 90% will have achieved sufficient awareness...
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Smoking the cigarette. He goes ahead to quite cite the actual fact that toxicologists and health care professionals have gone a long way in finding several harmful chemicals in the cigarette. Cigarettes are the most popular, most addictive and the deadliest form of tobacco ever to be used (World Health Organization). These contrasting ideas between smoking enthusiasts (revelers) and the equally enthusiastic dissidents create an interesting discovery of facts about smoking. If there is proof that smoking kills, with health professional’s strong campaigning against the ‘vice’, then why is the number of smokers increasing day after day? The US National Cancer Institute brings out the observation...
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...both within and outside the U.A.E region. The article observes the developments and transformations that have been triggered by Midwakh, an Arabic traditional pipe. These developments encompass cigars and shisha. The consideration of smoking patterns, trends, and practices from elsewhere around the globe makes this text credible for research purposes. It compares smoking in the U.A.E with the rest of the world. Finally, the information presented in the article is relevant to the final paper topic of discussion. The essence of research in the final paper is to capture significant aspects that shed light on smoking practices in the U.A.E. this text captures both men and women, and further...
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.... Smoking is a negative habit that has a physical addiction due to the nicotine ingredient in the tobacco. The fume from tobacco is a mixture of more than 7,000 chemicals with many being toxic. Overview of the prevalence of smoking risk factor in the population In 2010, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a report showed that there was frequent smoking in 19.3% of adults aged eighteen years and above (Chaney, 2012). Tobacco smoking is the main preventable cause of premature death and accounts for 4430,000 deaths. Nearly 900,000 deaths are associated with lung cancer due to smoking; while closely to a million deaths occur in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease ( Lewis, 2013). In the United States, smoking...
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Risks of Smoking whilst Pregnant

Of more importance is the finding of research that results in smoking intervention strategies during pregnancy have demonstrated limited success (Cnattingius, 2004).
In the United States of America, the prevalence of smoking during pregnancy witnessed a decrease of 38% in the period between 1990 and 2002. In 2002 the prevalence of smoking during pregnancy was 11.4% compared to the prevalence of 18.4% in 1990. The decline in the prevalence of smoking during pregnancy varied across the country. However, the prevalence figures reflect a high rate of prevalence of smoking during pregnancy among teenage and young expectant mothers. (Mathews, 2004).
The most important preventable risk factor unsuccessful pregnancy outcome has...
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Bartosch and Pope (2002) conducted a study to determine if the restaurant business declines or improves after the implementation of restrictive restaurant smoking policies. Contrary to the claims made by the hospitality and the tobacco industry, survey data revealed that people would continue to dine in establishments once they are smoke-free and many would even frequent more often when restrictions on smoking are imposed. The study by Alamar and Glantz (2004) shows that the workers enjoy better health when restaurants are declared smoke-free zones is testimony to the fact that exposure to environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) is a health hazard. Passive smoking does affect the employees as better productivity has been reported by the...
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... stress and smoking levels, examining closely what other factors may be involved. Search Keywords: Effects of stress, smoking levels, reason people smoke INTRODUCTION “Smoking causes fatal lung cancer”, “Smoking can cause a slow and painful death”; these mandatory warnings (or similar) are found on every packet of cigarette and cigar now a days. This is one of the measures taken by the government towards making people aware about the dangers of smoking and motivating them to quit this practice. The link between smoking and lung cancer was established by a German scientist in 1920 leading to first anti-smoking campaign ever (“Tobacco smoking”, wikipedia) but it was only in 1980’s when political action was taken against this practice when...
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... as an economically based study with cost efficient outcomes. Health Care Economics The economic evaluation of healthcare has become a major new career throughout the world. However, many of the most sophisticated of those studies are presently being done in the UK (Fattore & Torbica, 2006). The study done by Fattore and Torbica (2006) consisted for a thorough research of how an economic study is done and how those results are presently being used. This study used information gotten from survey of Health Care Management Executives and presented information on the correct way to carry out an economically based healthcare study. This paper will incorporate some of these and other techniques learned. Smoking as the Problem Even though...
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...Critical Appraisal March Purpose The purpose of the study was to investigate smoking in the context of poverty and motherhood (Hilary, G. 1987).There has been emphasis on epidemiological studies on women smoking behaviour with little attention on smoking, poverty and motherhood. Smoking is multidimensional and has many implications on the way a mother brings up her children, creating a bond to hold the family together. Smoking while in poverty proves a luxury expense which gives poverty a new dimension. Previous researches on women and smoking have dwelled more on the extremes (beginning and ending smoking) with little regard of the implications of continuous smoking. It is the continuity which has several harmful manifestations...
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Should Smoking Be Banned in Myrtle Beach

... to save innocent people or nonsmokers who visit this beach for enjoyment purposes. Beach tourism is one of the major revenue sources for the governments. Tourists always like clean environment. Beach litter is harmful and costly in many ways, and the number one form of litter on U.S. beaches is cigarette butts. The beauty of the beaches could be seriously damaged as a result of the accumulation of cigarette related wastes. Clean sand and clean water are the foremost requirement for encouraging tourism in beach areas. If smoking is allowed in Myrtle Beach, tourists may not visit this place frequently because of their concerns about the dirty environment. Smoking prohibition in Myrtle Beach will encourage smokers to quit and nonsmokers...
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The Causes and Health Related Impact of Smoking

...themselves as adults among their peers. The habit continues into adulthood. People smoke for prestige and later make it a prominent habit (Burnham, 1993). They smoke when they are tensed, when they are happy, sad and to relieve themselves from mental stress. This research paper will try to analyze the mentality of the chain smokers and determine whether control in selling such products will limit them from smoking. The paper will also underline smokings influence on society. Aims and Objectives The purpose of this project is to get a detailed picture of the chain smokers attitude and determine whether the government controls could control their habit. The project aims...
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...of Tobacco Use Tobacco use is common in the United Arab Emirates. Based on published information from 2005, more than 14 percent of the adult population in the UAE uses tobacco. Most of the smokers are males. Mostly, smoking is common among young adults. About 25 percent of researched students were reported to have tried tobacco, prior to the age of 10 (Harrison et al. 87). Rolling a cigarette in the UAE is not popular and it is mostly experts who are said to roll cigarettes. Indeed, the nation has a long history of pipe smoking. Two types of pipes are popular in United Arab Emirates- the small and the big pipe known as medwakh and shisha, respectively. The latter is not commonly used at home but is...
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The Move by America University to Ban Smoking

Smoking is associated to harm secondary smokers than real smokers and this is the reason many nations including America have implemented bans on smoking as a move to protect non-smokers from the associated harms from smokers and also reduce the prevalence of smoking (John, pg35). This has greatly contributed to controlling public smoking. The smoking prevalence decreased to 18.9% up from 24.4% in adults with the age of 18-24 from the year 2005 to the year 2011, in accordance with a research Centre (CDC). The age group is now among the ones with the lowest prevalence in smoking of age below 65. It was six years back; the group was highest in the smoking number. In America, apart from burning smoking in some public places, the moves...
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Smoking in Public Should Be Banned the people around them. The Opposing View There are several effects associated with smoking. First off, cigarette smoke has such as carcinogens and nicotine that are harmful to the health of any given individual. Research indicate that exposure to cigarette smoke for as little as half an hour a day alleviates the chances of a non-smoker having a heart attack in the long run. The danger is even higher for those who are already vulnerable to coronary problems such as older men over the age of forty, obese persons, and people who have diabetes (both type one and type two) as well as those already having high blood pressure ("CDC - Fact Sheet - Health Effects of Cigarette...
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