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How Tesco dominates the Supermarket industry in the uk - Research Proposal Example

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It is very imperative for a research to identify aims and objectives along with the purpose statement, as lack of focused objectives often cause incompetent outcomes, as well as misuse of time and resources. For the proposed research, it is expectation that results of this study…
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How Tesco dominates the Supermarket industry in the uk
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Extract of sample "How Tesco dominates the Supermarket industry in the uk"

Download file to see previous pages analysis of different studies related to the identified research statement that will facilitate the researcher in taking a stand after the research on the utilization of different approaches in the supermarket industry. Furthermore, the proposed research will endeavor to identify any drawbacks in the supermarket industry and Tesco’s competitors that result in inefficiencies and limit their domination against Tesco. Lastly, the proposed research expects to acquire understanding of possible prospects and future developments in Tesco, as well as the UK’s supermarket industry in a valuable manner.
Tesco, established as a private company 90 years ago, is undoubtedly the most prominent and the leading food retailer of the United Kingdom today. Jack Cohen put the foundation of Tesco, by selling grocery surpluses from a booth in East End of London. The first product Jack sold was Tesco Tea, after which the company got its name, TESCO, TE from the initials of TE Stockwell, a tea-supplier from a tea-importing company, and Co from Cohen, Jack’s last name. (Tesco, 2009) Cohen moved on to open stalls in Tooting in 1930, then in Becontree and Edmonton in the year 1931 and went on further to establish Tesco Stores as a private limited company in 1932 with the underlying idea of “always keep your hand over the money and be ready to run” (Seth & Randall, pp.23-24, 2001). Later led by Ian MacLaurin, it became the second most reputed in the market of United Kingdom during the 1980s.
Since onwards, many factors contributed and then there was no stopping and Tesco today has marked itself to be the number one retailer in the UK. Irrespective of the medium customers choose to shop at Tesco, be it online or in-store, they receive an equal treatment. The launch of Clubcard in 1995 with a data-mining partner Dunn Humby, led Tesco handle colossal customer data thus enhancing value to their customer base (Rogers, 2001). The theme of Clubcard for its launch was the world’s ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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