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Dreazen and Siobhan Gorman reveals that the US cyber infrastructure is vulnerable to attacks. The truth is “it is struggling to keep pace with the growing number of attacks on its computer networks, potentially leaving key military and civilian…
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Cyber attacks
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Cyber Attacks Cyber attacks have become a potential menace to internal security of United s in today’s era of globalization. Today, USA is heavily dependent on “Information Infrastructure”,
this includes information systems, networks, and communication systems. Since information
infrastructure is increasingly critical to daily affairs, it has become a growing target for
disruption and destruction by terrorsist movements and adversaries of USA. Various literatures
have documented the issue of security threat through cyber attacks.
An article written by Yochi J. Dreazen and Siobhan Gorman reveals that the US cyber infrastructure is vulnerable to attacks. The truth is “it is struggling to keep pace with the growing number of attacks on its computer networks, potentially leaving key military and civilian systems vulnerable to overseas hackers” (Gorman, 2009). The armed forces also aired that the cyber defenses of the country are being challenged by sophisticated and well-organized efforts to steal classified information. Military men agree to US’ vulnerability to cyber attacks. Army Lt. Gen. Keith Alexander, who runs the National Security Agency said "Id like to say that our networks are secure but that would not be correct. We have vulnerabilities." (Gorman, 2009).
Cynthia G Wagner, in her article “Countering Cyber Attacks”, reveals that the
“information infrastructure” is at risk because it is so extensively networked; meaning that
damage in one spot launches a chain reaction of problems everywhere. And networked
computers are so integrated into every aspectof our lives that the damage would be felt almost
instantaneously.Specific likely targets include the energy sector, emergency response and
preparedness systems, financial services,telecommunications, and agriculture. She also
highlighted the fact that University of New Hampshire has initiated a new project of “The Cyber
Threat Calculator” for the U.S. Departmentof Defense that will surely help identify potential
threats to cyber infrastructure and assess the level of danger they pose. The Cyber Threat
Calculator uses data entered for a particular organization, with values assigned to variables that
measure a potential attacker s intent and technological capability. The higher the number that the
calculator assigns to a possible attacker, the greater the threat. (Cynthia, 2007)
Since 2008, the effort of the government has been on building a culture of preparedness.
Government has focused on preparing effective strategies that could help in countering Cyber
Terrorism or Cyber Attacks from hackers of nation-states such as Russia and China that have a
mission to attain maximum know-how of US information infrastructure. (Anonymous, 2009)
The U.S government has also already designated a special military unit to address the threat of cyber attack. This unit is called Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM). This “is primarily responsible for the protection of the defense and civilian networks of the United States and can also be deployed to mount an information warfare attack on its enemies” (Trends Updates).
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