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Touman Model Argument about the Environment - Term Paper Example

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This paper will throw light upon the Toulmin model argument and in addition to this what specific actions should Christians take regarding the environment will also be will also be provided in this paper…
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Touman Model Argument about the Environment
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Extract of sample "Touman Model Argument about the Environment"

Download file to see previous pages The environment is becoming worse with each passing day; there are several factors that are responsible towards the degradation of our environment. Some of the most factors that need to be worked upon are pollution, disposal of waste material in an unorganized way and in addition to this there are many more factors that need our immediate attention. This paper will throw light upon the Toulmin model argument and in addition to this what specific actions should Christians take regarding the environment will also be will also be provided in this paper.
The ozone layer is depleting with each passing day and this is a very disturbing environmental issue, this means that human race will shortly come to an end should it not be dealt with properly. The ozone layer is pivotal when it comes to the survival of human beings, it protects us from harmful radiations emitted by the sun and its deterioration is a very big cause of worry for the human race.
An Insight on Toulmin Model of Argument
Stephen Toulmin was a British Philosopher and in addition to this, he was also a realist who developed a model of argument which will be incorporated in this paper. He divided any argument into six most important sections. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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