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Analysis over the 2 global warming articles - Essay Example

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The rhetorical analysis of the two articles: ‘Greenhouse Gases Cause Global Warming’ by Environmental Defense Fund and ‘Global Warming is Media Hyped Hysteria’ by American Senator, Inhofe is highly pertinent to the scholars primarily because the articles have talked…
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Analysis Essay over the 2 global warming articles
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"Analysis over the 2 global warming articles"

Download file to see previous pages The first article has been published by an environmental agency and therefore, it has used ethos in its writing to convince the readers. The use of scientific explanations and relevant theories are used to explain the drastic ramifications of the global warming. ‘trading program would harness American ingenuity to decrease heat trapping pollution, cost effectively..’(EDF). The Second article, on the other hand is a speech by a political leader and therefore, one is able to find the text full of pathos and logos to sway the public perception. Inhofe has cleverly used creative imagery and mental images to provide a relatively coherent explanation for his arguments. ‘Advocates of alarmism have grown increasingly desperate…’ (Inhofe).
First article lacks emotional appeal and relies heavily on scientific facts which are stark in their explanation and therefore, fail to impress the common man. Inhofe, on the other hand, has combined logos in his pathos. Citing previous press releases, Inhofe’s rhetoric of the discourse was designed to inflame the feeling of outrage against the media hype and has asked ‘if CO2 is the driving force for global climate change, why do so many in the media ignore the many sceptical scientists who cite these rather inconvenient truths?’.
The structured and well laid out article has tried to explore the issue through the myths that are common among the masses but the lacklustre style has failed to convince the masses because it is not tempered with modules that have significant impact on human emotions. Inhofe has shown that facts and figures need to be used in a manner that it can impact the human psyche through clichés and metaphors. “’60 Minutes’ failed to inform its viewers that a 2005 study by Ola….that the interiors of Greenland are gaining ice and mass and that… Arctic was warmer in 1930s than today”. The scientific data are interspersed in the text ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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