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The value of current internationals to team victories; the case of the english primer league - Admission/Application Essay Example

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The recent wave of rapid technological advancements has brought transformational changes and new trends in every field and aspect of human activities and businesses. With no exception, the sports sector also witnesses some major changes due to the advent of modern means of…
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The value of current internationals to team victories; the case of the english primer league
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Extract of sample "The value of current internationals to team victories; the case of the english primer league"

Download file to see previous pages This global migration of the players usually costs very high fee to the organizers however, the foreign players are fervently hired in the teams with the expectation of fostering the trend of team victories (Massarella, p62). The following essay aims to examine the value of international players to the team victories while focusing specifically upon the English Premier League. It is found that the conception of internationalization of players is deeply embedded in the British soccer league because for many years, the foreign players are frequently hired in the team and as the time passes, the ratio of international players is increasing in the EPL players.
The essay aims to investigate the evolution of the practice of hiring foreign players in the team and describes the conceptions and theories associated with this trend. The essay illustrates the implications of the described literature and theories in to the English premier league’s traditions of inviting foreign players in the team and their performances after becoming part of EPL. The economic aspect of hiring foreign players is also an important point of focus for this research paper that is covered by describing the amount spent by the English soccer team on the foreign players. It is revealed that the foreign players are commonly hired in the team against high fees because they are expected to gear up the performance level of the team carrying it towards the victory stand.
The research paper presents the case study of English premier League with respect to the mounting drift towards the hiring of foreign players. The case study is developed using data and information from secondary documents including research papers, news resources, sports journals and books. The related literature and facts are gathered from these resources and the analysis of acquired information is conducted to reveal the importance and significance of presence of the foreign players in British football team. The entire ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(“The value of current internationals to team victories; the case of the Admission/Application Essay”, n.d.)
The value of current internationals to team victories; the case of the Admission/Application Essay. Retrieved from
(The Value of Current Internationals to Team Victories; The Case of the Admission/Application Essay)
The Value of Current Internationals to Team Victories; The Case of the Admission/Application Essay.
“The Value of Current Internationals to Team Victories; The Case of the Admission/Application Essay”, n.d.
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