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Performance Analysis and Improvement in Sports Development and Coaching - Assignment Example

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This essay analyses performance and improvement in sports development and coaching. In any situation of sporting, particularly team games, it is complicated, if not unworkable, for trainers to remember and notice all the significant events occurring within a match or a training session…
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Extract of sample "Performance Analysis and Improvement in Sports Development and Coaching"

Download file to see previous pages That is where the relatively new performance analysis discipline comes in. Well known over the last decade and made possible by digital photography and advances in IT, (PA) performance analysis is now recognized as an assistance to performance improvement at every level (Jones, Hughes and Kingston, 2009). Essentially, performance analysis is about forming a reliable and a valid performance record by systematic observations’ means that can be examined with regard to facilitating modification.
Alike methods are used by the two disciplines in data collection and both depend on IT for data examination. However, the most salient thing they commonly have is measured observation use after or during an event to enumerate performance in a valid, reliable and accurate way (Hylton and Bramham, 2007).
Trainers may desire to question Performance Analysis’ need as an isolated activity, given that analysis and observation clearly create a crucial component of the process of coaching as outlined in example 1 below.
The actuality is though that even as trainers are likely to be experts at analyzing and observing performance, the study has pointed to harsh human limitations contained by these processes. Two significant studies have drawn attention to problems on memory retention, with trainers able to remember only 30-50 percent of principal performance issues they had observed, even with exceptional observational training (Hughes and Franks, 2004). The process of coaching itself is not flawed necessarily, but it is apparent that the analysis phases and observation of this procedure have severe restrictions.
Although several skilled trainers are capable of anticipating events and make suitable changes for performance influences, even the finest are prone to human mistake, leading to incorrect decisions; hence the requirement for an organized PA approach within the practice of coaching, use of valid and dependable performance data to evaluate and monitor performers.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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